Every Force Faction in Star Wars Other Than The Jedi And The Sith

Every Force Faction in Star Wars:

The Force lives through every living being on Earth. It is what guides life, preserves it, and helps it grow. There are two sides of the Force- the Light Side and the Dark Side. The Jedi are warriors of the Light Side – the more benevolent portion of the Force. The Dark Side of the Force is the domain of the Sith – its power is more corrupting and potent. For millennia, the Sith and the Jedi have been locked in an eternal battle for the control of the Galaxy. They have accessed and manipulated the Force to do their bidding. The Star Wars movies and TV Shows make quite a fuss about their rivalries. But these two factions are far from being the only ones that use the Force for their own purposes. There are several others that have sprung up in the history of Star Wars.

As we said, the Universe in Star Wars is vast. Many species exist. Their cultures, religion, society, and location within the galaxy affect the way they interpret and understand the Force. While the Jedi and the Sith see it as an all-encompassing energy source, some see it as the pulse of the universe and some see it as pure magic. Different Factions have different perceptions about the Force. Let us dive in detail.

 1. The Frangawl Faction

Every Force Faction in Star Wars

The Frangawl Faction is the original group that originated from Bardotta, as opposed to the Dagoyan Order that was the splinter group that was formed out of the Frangawl Cult Members. A remote planet situated within the Shasos System, the Bardotta System is known to have colonies that are patrons of art, music, and literature. Many Centuries, the Bardotta System was ruled by a Monarch that was guided in his decisions by a shadowy group known as the Frangawl Faction. The Dagoyan Order is the child organization of the Frangawl Faction.

Every Force Faction in Star Wars

The Frangawl Faction is actually a cult. Their idol and God is a War Demon called Malmourral. Idol worship especially that of the Demonic Malmourral, was banned by members of the Dagoyan Order. So members who were found guilty of this act were banished from the order. These Dagoyan Refugees managed to hide within Bardotta, waiting for the moment the Dagoyan Order would fall so that they could take over the planet.

The Members of the Frangawl cult can use only some of the powers that the Jedi and Sith have in their arsenal. But their abilities do not fall within the light Side or the Dark Side of the Force. They can use the Sith ability of Life Drain. But it will not corrupt them. They can also use the Jedi ability of Premonition and Future Sight. The Frangawl Cult uses the Force in a rather unique fashion. They have found a way to balance out the negative effects of the Force’s Dark Side by combining it with the teachings of the Light Side of the Force. The Jedi and the Sith have much to learn from them.

 2. The Dagoyan Order

Many seek the power of the Force to become better warriors. The Force does give some major power boosts to the Jedi and the Sith. They can fight for extended periods of time, have superior senses, and several other mystical abilities no normal individual could ever have. The Force’s offensive abilities are well known. But the Force inherently is not evil. It is the user that decides how to use it. Because the user is given an option to choose between the Light Side and the Dark Side, many believe that is the very reason the Jedi-Sith rivalry exists.

What if there was no choice? What if there was a discipline that taught you the inner workings of the Force but never gave you an option to corrupt yourself? We give you the Dagoyan Masters of Bardotta. The Order of the Dagoyan Masters focuses not on strength, speed, and combat but knowledge. The only thing they seek is harmony within the universe and how to preserve it at all costs using the Force.

The Dagoyan Masters do not objectify the force. They do not try to mold it to fit their methods. They instead try to understand it and rather than access it actively, try to have a passive connection with the Force. Thus, like the Frangawl Cult, they also escape the Dark Side and Light Side aspects of the Force. The Dagoyan Order is a strict follower of meditation and asceticism. To become a Dagoyan Master, a Bardottan must follow strict guidelines of hermit philosophy, living the life of a sage. The basic tenets of the Dagoyan Order lay in the teachings of the Lay People, who were the first to develop and master this discipline.

Every Force Faction in Star Wars

The Dagoyan Masters once played a huge role in public administration in Bardotta. They were personal advisers to the Monarch, who ruled the planet under a government of theocratic monarchy. Dagoyan Masters are powerful warriors but only act out in self-defense, refraining from using their hard-earned skills to voluntarily hurt someone.

 3. The Night Sisters

Every Force Faction in Star Wars

Asajj Ventress, a prominent and popular villainess in the Clone Wars animated series saga, is a member of a group called the Night Sisters. A powerful clan hailing from the mysterious planet of Dathomir, the Night Sisters are a group of all-female Force Sensitive Warriors that have managed to develop a method to harness the extremely potent pockets of the Force extensively found in their home planet.

The most powerful Force practitioner of the Night Sisters is Mother Talzin, a figure who was considered to be as equally powerful as Emperor Palpatine aka Darth Sidious. The Night Sisters do not practice the core tenets of the Force. Instead, they have their own method that more or less falls within the Dark Side. Called ‘Magick’, the Night Sisters used a supernatural technique using the Force’s Dark Side that allowed them to transform and transmute matter at a molecular level. The power of Magick is unnatural and goes against everything Nature stands for.

It can resurrect the dead and harm people from afar if combined with Voodoo magic. It can create matter out of nothing and heal people from the most lethal of injuries. Magick is said to be a living organism just like the Force and is found within the trees, mist, and blood of all sentient organisms. It’s the greatest power is to turn people into savage monsters, just like Mother Talzin did to Darth Maul’s brother – Savage Opress. Some say Magick is more ancient than the Force itself!!

 4. The Knights of Ren

The Knights of Ren emerged from the Unknown Regions in the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War. They serve Kylo Ren, Supreme Leader of the First Order, and master of the Knights of Ren. The Knights of Ren, although they use the same teachings of the Jedi and the Sith, are not actually from either faction. They are a completely different group formed out of Force Sensitive individuals that were made to replace the Sith Lords that died earlier. The Knights of Ren have their own philosophy of the Force called the Way of Ren and they adhere to it strictly. Using long-range and close combat Force based weaponry they roam the Galaxy creating widespread chaos and destruction.

The Knights of Ren live and breathe destruction. Believing that the only purpose of life is to destroy and leave, the Nights of Ren translated that into an inherent philosophy. They were formed under the tutelage of a mysterious warrior known only as Ren. Kylo Ren assumed leadership of the group after he renounced the Jedi training and became a Dark Side user. The Knights of Ren are not as rigid when it comes to using the Force in combat. They are also known to use ranged weaponry and other close combat equipment other than a lightsaber like a war club and a Vibro-cleaver when fighting their enemies.

So like we said, the Jedi and the Sith are far from being the only Force Factions in the Star Wars Saga. There are so many more. Maybe we might see some of them in action in the next live-action installment to the Star Wars Universe.

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