DCEU Theory: WB is Planning a Live Action Batman Multiverse Movie

WB Planning a Live Action Batman Multiverse Movie: 

With Michael Keaton being in talks of returning as Batman, all sorts of possibilities have opened up. The Arrowverse had already set up the DC Multiverse by establishing that all of DC’s movies and TV shows are a part of the same Multiverse. Several earths were connected by the Crisis on Infinite Earths event of the CW earlier this year. And the DCEU was connected to the Arrowverse through the Flash face-off scene. There were rumors that Michael Keaton could also cameo as Bruce Wayne, but those rumors turned out to be false. Well, our fanboy pipe dream fuel tanks have now got a big refill with the emergence of the latest news update regarding Batman in The Flash.

WB Planning a Live Action Batman Multiverse Movie

According to The Wrap, Keaton is in early talks to return as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the DCEU but his return isn’t set in stone just yet. Although, if he does return, then he will be reprising the same version of Bruce Wayne that he played in Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). THR reporter Borys Kit further stated that he’d be in for multiple movies and play a similar role to Nick Fury in the MCU. Hence, the second movie that Keaton is said to appear in after The Flash is Batgirl.

But the “multiple films” part of the report has brought some major theories in our minds. We’ve already talked about how the stage is perfectly set for a Batman Beyond movie where a Keaton’s Bruce Wayne would’ve traveled to the DCEU Earth in order to help Barry Allen, leaving his own Gotham City & Earth in the capable hands of Terry McGinnis. If this theory comes true, then we’d have 3 Batmen already – Michael Keaton (Older Bruce Wayne), Ben Affleck (DCEU’s Batman), and Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond). So, a Multiverse connection could actually bring all 3 of these Batmen on the same screen. But we all know that it could do so much more.

WB Planning a Live Action Batman Multiverse Movie

Ben Affleck has stated that he has lost interest in a Batman project. But a Batman team-up movie with at least 3 Batmen might actually lure him in as well. Robert Pattinson will be the fourth Batman that will be running around in his own separate Universe. Matt Reeves is cooking up his own independent Batman trilogy which is not going to be linked to the DCEU. But if WB really thinks of making a Batman Multiverse movie event, then Matt Reeves could be persuaded to add Robert Pattinson’s Batman into the mix as well.

Till now, every Batman has his different specialty. Michael Keaton probably won’t suit up since he’d be the older Bruce Wayne, the experienced strategist, the man in the chair. Ben Affleck would be the strongest of Batmen here, the team muscle, the brawler. Robert Pattinson’s Batman would be the greatest detective of all since that is the story Matt Reeves is going for. And Batman Beyond would be special because of his future tech. His & Keaton’s Earth might be established to be much more advanced in the year 2022, as compared to the DCEU Earth, or the Earth of Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

WB Planning a Live Action Batman Multiverse Movie

Now there’s one more piece left to complete the puzzle. And that is the Earth of Christian Bale’s Dark Knight. Even though his Earth was more grounded, gritty and realistic, the concept of Multiverse could still be introduced in it. But, bringing Bale back may be the toughest ask for a Batman Multiverse movie. That’s because his character actually retired. So, the story might actually need a strong motivation for him to come out of retirement. But, if Bat Bale doesn’t return, John Black could. In Nolan’s trilogy, Bruce Wayne handed the reigns over to John Blake aka Robin. So, Joseph Gordon Levitt could actually play Nightwing in this Batman Multiverse dream movie of ours. Thinking of a film like this certainly gives us literal chills.

Let’s hope that a movie like this could actually become a reality just like the Spider-verse movie would one day.

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