Every Snyder Cut Character That Was Cut Out of Justice League 2017

Snyder Cut Character Cut Out of Justice League:

Everybody knows, that the league was altered,
Everybody knows, what Whedon did!

Everybody knew, the war wasn’t over,
Everybody knows, that Snyder won.

Everybody knows the fight was fixed,
But Zack stayed strong, the fans got rich.

That’s how it goes
Everybody knows….

As a result of WB letting Snyder go in order to turn his specific vision into a family-friendly blockbuster, Joss Whedon had to cut out a lot of the material that Snyder shot for Justice League. And in these edited scenes, were the appearances of many supporting characters that were supposed to have a role in the film. Now that Zack Snyder’s Justice League is coming, we’d see all of the following characters who were stripped from the theatrical cut of Justice League:

Nuidis Vulko

Justice League 2017
Snyder Cut Character Justice League 2017

Willem Dafoe’s Vulko got a significant role in the Aquaman movie. But he was supposed to appear in Justice League before that. His scenes were cut out of that film as Whedon had to save some time for other necessary scenes. Rumor has it that his scenes in Justice League wouldn’t have sat well with the story of Aquaman. But then again, this film might be a one-off, so we’d get much more from Nuidis Vulko in addition to what we got in Aquaman. He’d be the one to give Arthur his Quindent.

Iris West

DCEU’s Flash Movie Cast New Iris West 

There was a scene where Barry shattered the glass and went on to save Iris West (Kiersey Clemons). Maybe there’s just that little scene. Or maybe there could be more for Iris. After all, Barry needs to have more character development than he did in the Josstice League. So, we’re hoping that there would be more than just once scene of Iris West. Let’s wait and see.


Instead of Steppenwolf, it was Darkseid’s younger version Uxas who was supposed to be a part of the ancient battle that took place on Earth. The Amazons, Atlanteans, humans & the old Gods fought against Uxas and his army. There is supposed to be a fight between Darkseid and Ares. Apart from this ancient battle, Darkseid will be shown to be pulling the strings of Steppenwolf throughout the film. And we would even get to see his full form at the very end of the movie when he appears through a Boom Tube. Unfortunately, all of this build-up for Darkseid was removed, and what we got was just a weak & scared Steppenwolf.

Martian Manhunter

The ending of Justice League would’ve revealed that General Swanwick (Harry Lennix), who we last saw in Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, was actually Martian Manhunter all along. It would’ve been a crazy reveal but the sad truth is that this revelation came through the internet, and not in the movie where it was supposed to. Now, even though we know the person who Martian Manhunter has been pretending to be, we still hope that the upcoming Martian Manhunter scenes are worthwhile.

Ryan Choi

In one of the scenes, we would have seen Zheng Kai portraying Ryan Choi. This would’ve been another one of Snyder’s future setups because Ryan Choi would’ve gone on to become the Ant-Man. Umm sorry, I meant, the Atom. In the Snyder Cut, he would’ve served as Director of Nanotechnology at the S.T.A.R.S. lab, working alongside Silas Stone.

Elinore Stone

Justice League 2017

Cyborg was supposed to be the heart of the Justice League movie. But his entire arc in the film was removed. He didn’t get the screen time he needed, and neither did the characters related to him. His father Silas Stone’s role was bogged down, and his mother, Elinore Stone’s role was completely removed. Even though we know that Elinore was dead before Justice League, we would’ve got a sequence where the Mother Box would’ve tempted Cyborg to get his family back. But WB left no time for all this when they mandated the film to be just 2 hours long.

Green Lanterns

Snyder Cut Character Cut Out of Justice League 2017

While a Green Lantern did appear in the Josstice League, Zack Snyder confirmed that this Lantern wasn’t the one he chose. It was later revealed by one of Justice League’s crew members that there were supposed to be 2 Lanterns, Kilowog and Tomar-Re who would’ve shown up at the very end of the film to warn Bruce. Let’s see if this turns out to be true. Either way, it is confirmed that a Lantern will certainly appear if not 2.

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