3 Deleted Scenes That Would Have Made These Famous Movies Earn Better

Not every time movies have it all. It seems like you now know the story after you have stepped out of theaters. Are you sure you have not missed anything ? Well, you did, but can’t do anything because even the final copy had not it all. If we like it, we boast about the movie we have watched and try to be the first one to catch the first show and become a spoiler for our friends. That’ why they hate you! Jokes apart, here, we are counting down on four deleted scenes that would have made your favorite movies better.

1) Wolverine


Sometimes the deleted scenes can actually bring strong motivation in the story. Hugh Jackman has put on several Wolverine outfits from leather outfits to hoods to T-shirts in his total career of being The Ol’ Canucklehead. Now here is a question, “why did he never don his classic costume in such a long run?”. Well, we were close to appearing in that suit. As he sees the suit and gives an I-will-wear-it expression, that shoals have happened.

2) Suicide Squad


All the bad criminals with superpowers become a part of the prison reform task force. Long them Jared Leto;s appearance became a center of discussion which failed to bring the impression of batman’s archenemy. Several on-set scenes of the Joker, Harley Quinn, and shenanigans, Leto’s portrayal of the clown prince appeared super crazy and dark. Maybe he was not that bad.

3) Let Me In

scenes movies

The 2010’ American-British horror romantic movie is a creepy one. The story revolves around a young boy who romances with the vampire. The film is the remake of a Swedish film of the same name. It became popular the way the young character portrayed their roles with maturity. Matt Reeves, the director of the movie, shot the scene when Abby becomes the vampire. As she was able to witness her vampire birth, the scene was actually removed due to it disturbing imagery. But this was not the case. The turning if Abby came hot on the heels, Owens gets to know Abby’s dark side.

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