MCU Characters Who Might Be Worthy of Wielding Mjolnir

Characters Worthy of Wielding Mjolnir:

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” This quote has been carved on the Mjolnir for all these years. This rule implies to the most powerful of the superheroes and doesn’t even spare the Gods. Thor, whose identity is this weapon, also had to prove his worthiness before wielding it. But over the years, there have been some situations that have thrown light on other characters as well who have proved to be fit for the Mjolnir. Recently, Captain America’s wielding the mythical weapon in Endgame was a moment of joy to fans but everyone saw it coming after the Age of Ultron. This has raised many discussions and theories on superheroes who have given us reasons to be worthy.

 1. Spider-Man

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The most imperfect of all the Avengers have the purest form of heart. What Tony Stark saw in Peter was his generosity, uncorrupted heart, and the strong will to fight for what’s right. Be it a petty neighborhood crime or saving the world, Spider-Man will not stop at any cost. He will fight till his last breath without caring about himself.  He values every single life and follows a no-kill policy, meaning that he’d spare his enemy’s life too.

 2. Peter Quill

Avengers: Endgame Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

If you ask us, we believe that Peter’s willingness to sacrifice his life for others makes him a true hero, not his powers. Time and again, he has put the safety and the greater good of others before himself. One of his most unforgettable sacrifices was when he flew out into space and gave away his mask to Gamora. He also almost killed himself by grabbing the Power Stone despite knowing that it would have burst him into pieces. Peter even chose to kill the Ego, his father, at the cost of his superpowers.

 3. Iron Man

Tony Stark surprised everyone by making one of the biggest sacrifices that we had ever seen in MCU. He not only gave up his life but also the chance to the ultimate happiness with his wife and daughter. As said by Khaled Hosseini; “it always hurts more to have and lose than to not have in the first place”. It requires more than courage to do what he did. Tony may not have been worthy in Avengers: Age of Ultron but after what he gave up to save everyone in Endgame, we don’t find anyone as worthy as Iron Man.

 4. Captain Marvel

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Fighting for what’s right and putting the greater good above herself was Carol Danver’s motto way before she became a superhero. She joined the U.S military to serve the same purpose and fought with passion and bravery. With or without powers, nothing changes the fact that she is worthy.

 5. Groot

Here we are honoring the older Groot who gave up his life in order to save his friends. Had it not been for Groot, the Guardians couldn’t make through the fall. A new Groot may have taken birth, but that act was undoubtedly selfless, making him worthy of Mjolnir.

 6. Black Panther

Black Panther 2 Villains

Wakanda is grateful for a virtuous king like T’Challa who will never allow a single danger befall his people. The brave leader will always put the greater good above himself.

 7. Valkyrie

Characters Worthy of Wielding Mjolnir

Valkyrie’s biggest weapons were her zeal and valor. No matter the size of danger, Valkyrie always fought from the front for Asgard. She doesn’t need to be Thor to be worthy. She is her own entity whose qualities themselves allow her to wield the powerful Mjolnir. In her hands, the hammer will always be put to good use.

 8. Heimdall

Heimdall was one of the most selfless heroes in the Thor universe who dedicated his life to the safety Asgard. Even during Hela’s invasion, he put the lives of Asgardians before himself. Heimdall lost his life while saving Hulk and sending him back to Earth. This generous act deems him worthy of the Mjolnir.

 9. Odin

The one to put the lock will always have its key. Thor’s father, Odin was the one to cast the spell on the hammer so, naturally, he was able to lift it, too.  In fact, in Thor: Ragnarok, when Loki disguised himself as Odin to fool Thor, the latter tested his genuineness by asking him to lift the hammer. The God of Thunder knew that his father was worthy and considered it the best way to test Loki.

 10. Phil Coulson

By now we know that the Mjolnir doesn’t require superpowers. Its condition is for a mam/woman to be worthy. Agent Phil was not a superhero nor did he have special powers. But he valued every human life and confronted a God, Loki, without caring for his own life. This made Phil totally worthy of the hammer.

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