Captain Marvel 2 Could Show How Endgame Unlocked Two More Powers of Carol

Endgame Unlocked Two More Powers of Carol: 

Captain Marvel is one of the strongest Marvel characters (if not the strongest Avenger). And the crazy part about her powers is that all of them probably have not been unlocked. There are 2 specific powers of Captain Marvel which are yet to be showcased. It is crazy that she already possesses some God level powers, and there are 2 more of them that are yet to be adapted. There is a chance that Marvel might not bring in those powers since she is already way too OP, but we don’t really see them not using the full potential of a character that is going to become one of the faces of the MCU.

Endgame Unlocked Two More Powers of Carol

Carol got her powers via the space stone and the hyperdrive. Because of that, and the Kree blood transfusion, she got her many powers. So far, we have seen that she has superhuman strength, stamina, durability, supersonic flight, and can survive in space & vacuum. On top of that, she shoots photon energy blasts, goes binary, and has the ability to absorb an insane amount of energy that is projected at her. But her two powers that haven’t been showcased are her “Seventh Sense” and her “Cosmic Awareness.”

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These powers could have been lying dormant in her till now, but in Captain Marvel 2, we might see them come into action. We’ll get to the part of how they got unlocked in Endgame a little later. But first, let’s try and understand what these powers actually do. First let’s talk about the “Seventh Sense,” which has sort of been forgotten.

Endgame Unlocked Two More Powers of Carol

It took a while for the writers to figure out how it actually operates, as was first shown to be a much more effective version of the “Spider-Man Sense,” or the “Peter Tingle,” if you might want to call it that. But later, it was revealed to be much more than just the Peter Tingle. Through her seventh sense, Carol can actually see attacks coming in even before her opponent has thought of making them. In fact, it actually works as a precognitive vision where Carol is able to subconsciously recognize danger even before it occurs. This makes it very hard for the opponents to land an attack upon her.

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Moreover, sometimes her precognitive visions (flashes of impending threats while she is mostly asleep) are extremely detailed. On one specific occasion, Carol’s tingle gave her the information that one of the Avenger’s death had been faked. This revelation hadn’t happened yet, but it was soon to happen. But Carol knew the reality since she was also in her vision of the future that had to happen yet. It’s not that she can see and change the future. But having the seventh sense allows her to be better prepared.

Endgame Unlocked Two More Powers of Carol

Her second ability is “Cosmic Awareness,” which allows her to know what is going on in the cosmos. She is able to be well prepared for a battle that is headed her way from the cosmos. Together, her seventh sense and the cosmic awareness could be used extremely well in Captain Marvel 2, as these abilities would allow Carol to know about, & reach the planets that need defending. Knowing that Earth is going to be attacked by a swarm of aliens, Carol might fly in to save the day from whichever planet she is on.

Now let’s come to how she will get these powers. It is entirely possible that she always had these powers and Marvel didn’t show them yet. But then, the question arises is that how did she not know about Thanos & his attacks on the many planets throughout the Universe. So, it is better to keep these powers as dormant abilities that were unlocked in the final Endgame battle. Firstly, Carol had absorbed energies from the six Infinity Stones when she didn’t let Thanos close his fist. Her connection to the space stone would’ve connected her to the other stones, and possibly unlocked her dormant powers. Or perhaps, these powers were unlocked because she was in very close proximity to Tony’s snap. One or both of these Infinity Stone related events might lead us to seeing the new abilities of Captain Marvel which will make her even more powerful than she is.

Captain Marvel 2 arrives on July 8, 2022.

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