3 Great Actors Who Are Bad Directors

Artists don’t wait at a place, they always transcend new artistic boundaries and keep adding new skills to their list. And one they are Actors, who try different avenues and go further to become producers, directors, writer etc. It does not always mean that working in other mediums would always pay off, life takes an unpredictable turn. Here, we are counting down on three actors who should not have tried do set in director’s chair and rather worked an extra mile on their acting skills.

1. Eddie Murphy


Eddie Murphy was one of the best comedians before he entered in Disney movies. He worked in classics like Coming to America and Trading Places, marking some of his great achievements. Later, he decided to direct a comedy piece Harlem Nights, in which he decided to work with his long-time idol. The comedy piece did not bring the desired traction. It was nominated for the Worst Director and the other for Worst Screenplay.

2. Kevin Bacon


Kevin Bacon is a man with multiple talents and he proved it in 1984 musical drama, Footloose. But all of his talents could turn white.In most of the TV series and theatrical films that he has directed so far, there is one common character appearing, again and again, Bacon’s wife Kyra Sedgwick. Moreover, in 2006’s Loverboy, he cast the entire Bacon family. Economical casting !

3. Mark Ruffalo


Mark Ruffalo is known for his role as Dr. Bruce Banner in The Avengers. In 2011, Ruffalo moved a step forward in the direction and rolled out his first debut film Sympathy for Delicious. The movie is about a DJ called Delicious D, who suffers an accident which leaves his legs paralyzed. With that, he feels that his career would fade, but then he realized that he can heal others with magical powers. Buffalo’s directorial efforts failed to convince the critics and the audience.

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