MCU Thor: Asgard Is Completely Different In Movies From Comics

Asgard Is Different In Movies From Comics:

Even if they want to, it is impossible for movies to adapt to every aspect from the books and comics. But a very few of them have been successful in impressing the readers and audience with its exemplary adaption. The MCU has always gone beyond our expectations with its imagination when it comes to bringing the Marvel Comics on the screens. We wouldn’t have the adventures of our favorite superheroes any other way.

Asgard in Thor’s world is another important aspect of Marvel that has manifested in the MCU films. As it could not take every little detail from the comics, Asgard had to undergo several changes on its way to our screens. We have attempted to list down the differences between the two versions. Let us know which one you liked the most.

Yggdrasil of Asgard

Yggdrasil asgard thor

If you jog your memory, you’d remember that Yggdrasil was briefly mentioned in the movies but its part was limited to that only. Comics will teach you about the significance of Yggdrasil. It was a gigantic ash tree that connected and held together all the realms with one another.

Mystical Creatures

Even though we have heard the movies mention the numerous mystical creatures that exist on the land of Asgard, none of them have manifested yet. As per the comics, they boast of dragons, mighty steeds, and a giant sea serpent. We can’t help but wonder why they didn’t show up when Asgard was in peril.

Magic & Science

The existence of Asgard stood on the concept of magic in comic books. Everything in this place was mystical unlike in the movies. In the MCU, Asgard used science that was ancient but way ahead of Earth. If you recall Thor explaining Asgard to Jane, he mentioned that Asgardians treated both science and magic the same way, a concept that was still obscure to the human race.

There Were Ten Realms

We have learned from the movies that there are only nine realms;  Alfeim, Asgard, Vanaheim, Jotunhein, Midgard, Nidavellir, Svartalfheim, Niflheim, and Muspelheim. But according to the comics, there 10 realms. The only one missing is Heaven. However, later Odin cut all connections with the tenth one, Heaven after warrior-like-angels kidnapped his daughter.

Congress of Realms

Congress of Realm was founded by Freyja, Gaea, and Idun, with the idea to form a platform where every member could voice their opinions. It consisted of a council with a representative from each realm. Their meetings were held in Asgard, and Jane Foster was also a member of the Congress.

Odin’s Vault

What exists in the comics doesn’t show up in the movies and what appears in the movies never existed in the books. Yes! There is no such thing as the Odin’s Vault in the comics. All that they possess are prison and tombs. But MCU fans know the importance that this vault holds in the movie due to the various powerful artifacts.

Different Environment

Movies often skip the intricate details that are broadly described in books and comics. The same happened with Marvel Studios, for it couldn’t focus much on the nature of Asgard. According to the comics, the people living on it, in fact every object on the surface of Asgard weighs heavier. That is because the city is flat with a gravitational force stronger than the Earth.

Asgard Was Destroyed More Than Once

So far, Asgard has been destroyed only once in the MCU, i.e., in Thor: Ragnarok, and now Asgard has moved to Norway on Earth. But in the comics, the destruction of Asgard was more common than you think. The first time it was ruined, was by Loki, with the help of Sutur. Sentry was responsible for the 2nd destruction under Norman Osborn’s orders.


Thor Love And Thunder Will Take Place in Out Space

As mentioned before, any of us can visit the new Asgard that is located in Norway. But it’s new address was more high tech and fancy on the pages. Thanks to Tony Stark, who built a new floating Asgard in Broxton, Oklahoma.

Asgard Was Not Just A City

There were many parts of Asgard that were not explored in the MCU. Asgard was a mere part of a much larger continent with more cities and regions. We did get a glimpse of them in Thor: The Dark World but MCU didn’t dive further into these interesting particulars.

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