Who Falcon Was Speaking to While Fighting Ant-Man Finally Revealed

It was an amazing surprise when Falcon showed up to fight Ant-Man. It was a great audition for his new suit and for Scott’s abilities as the Ant-Man. The fight was quite awesome and is actually quite underrated as it served a bigger purpose the story. But there is one question that has bugged a few people during this fight. Knowing that there was a breach, Falcon was sent in to check it out. Falcon was talking to someone. We assumed that it could be the Galaga guy from The Avengers since we heard a male voice, but actually a very familiar woman was in charge of the scene.

Recently when Peyton Reed was asked about the Avenger with whom Falcon was speaking. It was obviously very important to Falcon that Cap didn’t find out about Falcon’s defeat at the hands of a noob. And apparently, this secret Avenger did not tell Cap. This secret Avenger was none other than Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow.

Who Falcon Was Speaking to While Fighting Ant-Man?

This is actually some great detailing. Falcon got defeated by Ant-Man and later Black Widow defeated Ant-Man in Captain America: Civil War. What does this mean? Black Widow > Falcon! Anyway, Ant-Man and Falcon do become great allies after this and we do hope to see another team-up between them. Maybe this time Scott Lang could show up in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier and surprise us. Since Ghost is rumored to be a part of the upcoming Disney+ series, it would make sense for Ant-Man and even the Wasp to make a cameo.

Who Falcon Was Speaking to While Fighting Ant-Man?

The next Ant-Man movie isn’t going to arrive until 2023. So to set it up, we do believe that Ant-Man should secretly show up in some upcoming Phase 4 project to actually raise the hype for his own third movie.

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