Why Superman is Faster than The Flash Finally Revealed

Superman is Faster than The Flash: 

There are some debates that never settle. One such debate is who is faster? Superman or The Flash? This debate isn’t new and has been going on since their first race in the comics in 1967. If we look at the previous race records, then we can see that Superman is an equal match for Wally West and Barry Allen’s speed.

We even saw in the Justice League, that Superman and Flash go out for a race, but the outcome was never shown.

Now looking back over the years we have these records. The first two races between the Flash and Superman ended up in a tie. And over the years, Superman kept losing to different Flash’s over and over. But recently in the comic, Superman: Up In The Sky #4, Clark Kent finally proved he can match up the speed of the Scarlet Speedster.

The writer of the comic Tom King accepted that Flash is on paper faster than Superman. But, when irked up enough to push beyond his limits, he can easily increase his speed and take down the Flash in a race. In the race we are talking about, Lex Luthor announced that he will donate a billion dollars to help orphaned children if Superman won against Flash. Lex had assumed that the Flash would win the race. Now, that brings us to another question. Was Superman always faster than the Flash? Well, the answer is NO.

Lex was probably correct in assuming that The Flash can defeat Superman in a race, but he didn’t factor in one thing. He didn’t analyze the fear factor every Flash faces. In Flash #209, Wally who was running from Superman explained this. He knew he had a trick he could use to outrun the Kryptonian, but he couldn’t. Wally knew that Superman’s powers defy the laws of physics.

So, he used it to his advantage. He knew that his powers come from the speed force. We already know about Flash’s phasing capabilities, time barrier-breaking abilities, but there is one more ability. Now one power which the speed force gives the speedsters is that they can siphon off energy from fast-moving bodies. So,t technically to beat Superman in a race, all the Flash has to do is get close to him and steal his speed. But, there’s a catch as to why the Flash can’t do it.

Imagine a car moving at 200 miles per hour and you suddenly pull in the hand break up. What will happen? The car would overturn and wreck immediately (the car and the person driving it only survives in Fast and Furious, not in real life). Now, similarly, imagine a Kryptonian in a similar situation. At 2000 miles per hour, and having a body of steel, the Superman would just cause destruction for miles in his path, unable to control his momentum himself. We saw in the Man of Steel, how Kryptonians fighting each other causes massive destruction when Zod and his army took down everything.

But, the Flash fans have something to cheer as at their max velocity, both Barry and Wally are faster than Clark Kent. The reason is that the speed-force allows them to outrun time itself, and nothing is faster than time. The only thing which gives Superman an edge in this race is that he is invulnerable and physical prowess. Superman can push past his limits because of this. However, multiple speedsters have evaporated into the speed-force at really high speeds.

When racing Superman, the Flash may be a clear winner, but you shouldn’t place your bets on him blindly. Otherwise, you might end up a loser like Lex Luthor. And mind you, he has a billion dollars to lose. You don’t!

So, who would you bet on the Flash or Superman? Do let us know in the comments.

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