MCU Rumor – Marvel Will Introduce Wolverine Through ‘Weapon X’ Disney+ Series

Wolverine is going to be an extremely important character in the MCU and there’s no doubt about it. He is such a majorly popular character (thanks to Jackman). We know for a fact that he will get a major spotlight in the MCU. But with the pace that Marvel wants to move forward, it is really hard to place a Wolverine movie in their upcoming schedule considering it is so packed & doesn’t have space. We still don’t even know where a Deadpool movie will be placed as none of the slots seem to be vacant until 2024. So, a Wolverine movie will surely be a tough ask if Marvel wants to introduce him before the eventual X-Men crossover event. That is why, Marvel is probably taking the Disney+ route with Wolverine as well.

Marvel Introduce Wolverine Through Weapon X Disney+ Series

According to Marvel scooper Roger Wardell,  The Falcon And The Winter Soldier will tie into another series called ‘Weapon X’. Logan obviously needs a different and proper introduction in the MCU. Since he hasn’t made an appearance as a mutant in the MCU, it is only fair to say that his Weapon X experiment that gives him the Adamantium would take place in the present day.

Reports about both Black Widow & The Falcon And The Winter Soldier have suggested that the government experiments upon humans to recreate Super Soldiers will be heavily explored. So, that is probably the route that Marvel is taking to introduce mutants. It will all be tied to the success of Captain America’s super-soldier experiment. That is why, the aforementioned Weapon X series is said to be a prequel-sequel to The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. It will heavily feature how the government turned Logan into Wolverine, and we will also get to see other test subjects. All of this will be similar to the way mutants came into existence in the Ultimatum storyline of 2009.

Marvel Introduce Wolverine Through Weapon X Disney+ Series

MCUCosmic recently mentioned that Marvel is planning to make an Ultimatum movie which will bring the Fantastic Four & X-Men together along with the Avengers. And in this storyline, mutants were not natural. All of them came into existence due to government experiments.

Imagine a scenario where after seeing a successful Steve Rogers experiment, USA and other nations like Russia decide to make Super-Soldiers of their own. In pursuit of that, they try to experiment on countless humans throughout the world by picking up potential subjects. And since they did not have the expertise of the German Doctor Erskine, so all their experiments failed, but these experiments were able to physically alter the genes of these subjects, adding the “X-Gene” into their body which was passed on throughout generations by these subjects as they lived their lives, and now, these genes have started to manifest in the decedents of these subjects.

Black Widow & The Falcon And The Winter Soldier will show us how the governments of the world continuously experimented upon humans to create biological weapons that are alive and talking. If the rumor about the Weapon X series is true, then we could expect the government experiments plot to be explored even further in the series.

Marvel Introduce Wolverine Through Weapon X Disney+ Series

But one point that I would like to make is that Roger Wardell has been posting his new scoops through a new account. It could be possible that it is an imposter of the original Wardell whose scoops used to be a 100% correct. This doubt has occurred in our minds because of the kind of scoops he has brought forward in the recent times. They all seem quite outlandish and unbelievable. But the ones that came from the previous account also felt unusual, and those turned out to be true. So we cannot say for sure. Only time could tell us. Till then, take it all as a grain of salt even though a solo Wolverine series would make sense since it will allow Marvel to give Logan screen time with just one project, and further introduce even more mutants.

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