Marvel is Developing ‘Ultimatum’ as The First Avengers, X-Men & Fantastic 4 Team Up Film  

Ultimatum: The First Avengers, X-Men & Fantastic 4 Team Up Film

The Coronavirus has caused a few setbacks in Marvel’s future plans as it has ultimately pushed 2 films to 2023 & beyond after taking every delay into account. 2020, & 2021 are both 1 MCU film short of what the original plan of release was. And because the entire world has been shut down, there has been a lack of news about the upcoming films & exclusive TV shows that Marvel was developing. But it’s good to know that the well-oiled machine, i.e. Marvel is still taking the necessary steps to build a massive future and succeed just like they have been till now. All of us have been asking how Marvel is going to tackle the Avengers now that the X-Men & Fantastic Four are also in the picture. Now, we know.

Ultimatum: The First Avengers X-Men & Fantastic 4 Team Up Film

So far, we’ve heard that Marvel will bring the mutants in 1 or 2 at a time through the upcoming Phase 4 & Phase 5 movies. It is going to be tough to introduce the fact that many mutants have suddenly began to exist all over the world. We’ve predicted 4 ways in the past through which mutants could come into existence since they were not a thing in the MCU till now. One of those ways relates to the Infinity Stones and the snap. Since Wanda & Pietro are mutants in the comics & got their powers unlocked by the Infinity Stones, the other mutants might have unlocked their powers through the snaps that happened in Infinity War & Endgame.

These snaps caused massive energy surges on Earth when they happened and that may have resulted in the latent X-gene of the humans being activated all over the planet. If not this, then the multiverse is obviously another option to bring mutants in as Deadpool is seemingly going to enter the MCU through the same multi Universe gateway. If the multiverse seems too safe & convenient then Wanda altering reality is the third way in which the mutants could come into the picture.

But another interesting way as far as the MCU is concerned is to bring mutants into the picture through human experimentations like the Super Soldier serum. It happened in the very controversial (& widely hated) storyline of 2009, Ultimatum. Marvel has to find a new & different way to bring mutants into the picture, and even though the Ultimatum storyline is not among the favorites, it surely does offer that unique side of the mutants to look at where all mutants were a result of experiments conducted by men.

Ultimatum: The First Avengers X-Men & Fantastic 4 Team Up Film

The Eternals are already coming in as heroes that have existed in the MCU for centuries. Making mutants exist the same way is probably not acceptable as people wouldn’t be able to distinguish between mutants & Eternals. And that’s why the Ultimatum way makes sense. Everything would be tied back to Captain America’s origin.

Imagine a scenario where after seeing a successful Steve Rogers experiment, USA and other nations like Russia decide to make Super Soldiers of their own. In pursuit of that, they try to experiment on countless humans throughout the world by picking up potential subjects. And since they did not have the expertise of the German Doctor Erskine, so all their experiments failed, but these experiments were able to physically alter the genes of these subjects, adding the “X-Gene” into their body which was passed on throughout generations by these subjects as they lived their lives, and now, these genes have started to manifest in the decedents of these subjects.

Ultimatum: The First Avengers X-Men & Fantastic 4 Team Up Film

In a similar way, Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto could be the result of a Sokovian Super soldier experiment and that is how he came to become Magneto in the recent times. Remember, that Hulk and Abomination in the MCU are also products of the Super Soldier experiments, as Bruce Banner was working on the Super Soldier serum, and he got mixed up with the Gamma ray exposure. All this could really work in the MCU and explain the existence of the Mutants and the X-Gene really well.

In fact, we have evidence that this is actually in works since Black Widow is rumoured to be bringing in a Russian mutant called Ursa Major (played by Oliver Richters). Moreover, another Russian mutant called Omega Red will show up in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. Both of them are probably going to be a result of Russian experiments and both of them are appearing in projects where the Super Soldier serum is of the utmost importance.

Ultimatum: The First Avengers X-Men & Fantastic 4 Team Up Film

Now, there’s a new report coming in from MCUCosmic which suggests that Marvel is actually developing a live action ‘Ultimatum’ project. For those who don’t know, this is a brutal story where Magneto & Doctor Doom are the main villains, and the X-Men & Fantastic Four are heavily involved along with the Avengers.

Ultimatum: The First Avengers X-Men & Fantastic 4 Team Up Film

It was important to explain the introduction of mutants for us to come to this news update. Now let’s get into the Ultimatum storyline. We obviously know how Marvel tweaks the comic stories to create something totally original. Civil War, Age of Ultron, Infinity War & Endgame were nothing like the comics. So those who are afraid that the same could happen with Ultimatum shouldn’t be. In the MCU, this elaborate storyline will tie the Fantastic Four & the mutants along with several members of the Avengers for their first crossover event.

In this story, Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver are the children of Magneto, who tries to destroy the world & kills millions in pursuit of that. He does that because he gets angry at the fact that Scarlet Witch is killed off by Ultron. So, using Thor’s hammer & his insane abilities, he reverses Earth’s polarity causing several natural hazards killing all the people. Several heroes die in this storyline after Charles reveals that Magneto has been the cause of it all.

But later it is revealed that it was actually Doctor Doom who was responsible for Wanda’s death and he becomes the main villain. The story of Ultimatum ends leading us into Avengers: Secret Wars – Battleworld where Doctor Strange becomes a literal god, i.e. God Emperor Doom. This is the big event where Doctor Doom & Galactus come together and so do the X-Men, Fantastic Four & Avengers.

This is probably what the Ultimatum movie could lead us into. First, the Fantastic Four & X-Men would be gradually introduced just like the Avengers were. Then their crossover, the Ultimatum might happen, leading us into Secret Wars. The Ultimatum & Secret Wars could end up being 2 part events just like Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers: Endgame.

Marvel could follow the comic book storyline for the Ultimatum as there are rumors that suggest Ultron & Quicksilver will return in WandaVision. These two are important players in the Ultimatum story. It’d be interesting to see how Marvel links Magneto to Wanda & Pietro (if that is indeed the plan).

Ultimatum: The First Avengers X-Men & Fantastic 4 Team Up Film

It is obvious that Doctor Doom is going to play an important role in the future of the MCU and become the ultimate villain along with Galactus. We thought that Magneto might be kept out of the X-Men story for a while, but it does seem that with his major presence in the comics, that’d be rather impossible. He will also play a big role in the future of the MCU if the report about “Ultimatum” (not the villainous team – ULTIMATUM) is true. Let’s see what happens.

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