10 Awesome Behind-The-Scenes Facts About No Way Home

There were a lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe Projects that we got to witness this year. Amongst these, Spider-Man: No Way Home surely hits the mark the best one and it will definitely be one of the best MCU projects ever. It seems that the Multiverse is not a very simple topic to be explored and that leads us to believe we will get to see a lot of things going ahead too. Spider-Man: No Way Home featured some of the greatest moments in the MCU and at the same time some of the greatest moments in terms of Spider-Man movies. While the movie might have been an extraordinary viewing experience, there is definitely a lot that might have unfolded in the behind-the-scenes of a project like this. Let’s look at some of the most awesome behind-the-scenes facts about No Way Home.

Tom Holland & JK Simmons Never Met On Set

The biggest rivalry that has now been developed in the MCU has to be the one between Peter Parker and J Jonah Jameson. There is a lot that the latter character is thankful to Peter for, in terms of being successful. He might be the villain who will remain till the very end to bother Spider-Man, now that everyone has forgotten about Peter. There are many scenes in the movie where we can see Jameson ranting about the character but fans would be surprised to know that the two actors never met on the sets of No Way Home. This might not actually be that big of a surprise considering the project had various stars associated with it and keeping them all together doesn’t sound feasible.


Producers Convinced Past Actors To Reprise Their Roles Without Giving Them The Script

There was a lot of secrecy regarding this movie and this has been the trend in the MCU for quite a while now. Often there have been reports of there being fake scripts in order to prevent the actual script from being released to the public. But it seems that the producers did not give the scripts to the returning stars to convince them for the movie. According to Kevin Feige, it was rather difficult to bring back Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire, and the other villains without letting them in on the script for the project. He actually credits producer Amy Pascal here by mentioning that she does not fear calling anyone at any time.


Willem Dafoe Had To Be Convinced For The Project In A Different Way

One of the most interesting reprisals in the movie has to be the character of Norman Osborn. The actors gave one of the best performances in the movie and actually delivered on every element fans had loved about the character in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie. Willem Dafoe is known for delivering some of the greatest performances and his take on Green Goblin is evidence of that. While the other returning stars had to be convinced without the script for the movie, a completely different way was used to bring Dafoe into the project. The actor actually talked about how he was convinced to return as he swooned at Jon Watts’ pitch to him. Dafoe actually accepted that the narrative did make sense unlike one of the other stars of the movie.


Tom Holland Did Not Believe In The Script For No Way Home

Getting the role of Spider-Man is a big deal for Tom Holland and the actor has made sure that he earns this role. The actor is a longtime fan of Spider-Man and has been very vocal about his fandom for the previous stars who took on the role of the friendly neighborhood superhero. It is not surprising that the actors did not believe the script for the movie. When the idea was first pitched to him, he mentioned that it was a “really cool idea,” but he was convinced that it could not be pulled off. There are a lot of surprising moments in the movie and we can actually believe that the star didn’t readily believe in the concept. During one of the promotional events for the movie, the actor actually mentioned that he is still surprised that they are actually promoting the movie.


Alfred Molina And The Toothpick Rig

Behind The Scenes Facts About No Way Home

Another one of the most exciting returning characters in the movie was definitely Alfred Molina who played the role of Otto Octavius. He was originally the main antagonist in Spider-Man 2 which is still considered one of the best Spider-Man movies. There was one major difference in his character between the two projects and that was about his tentacles. While the Sam Raimi project had practical tentacles that we moved by individual controllers, No Way Home used digital tentacles that required the actor to be set up on what’s called a Toothpick Rig. Holland talked about this as he mentioned this would move the actor around often during the middle of some of his conversations. He recalls Molina saying to him, “Yeah so Tom, I’m from South London,” and suddenly the next thing he heard became, “Oh f**cking hell mate, I’ll see you later.


Marisa Tomei Ended Up Spoiling The Ending For Her Therapist

Marvel is known to go to extreme lengths in order to keep the secrecy behind their projects and this actually helps fans to enjoy the movie when they get to witness these events. The actors are required to sign contracts the prevent them from revealing any information about the movie. Marisa Tomei’s character had a rather significant role in the movie and keeping it a secret became too much of a stress for the actress. The fact that her character dies in the movie is indeed a big secret but the actress found a means to deal with it. She revealed the spoilers to her therapist so then she won’t have to worry about further leaks about the movie.


Jamie Foxx Actually Hosted A Dance Party On Set 

Jamie Foxx is one of the most talented stars in Hollywood and at the same time, he has proven to be very cool too. The Academy Award-winning actor is known for his musical prowess and it comes as no surprise that he is a dance too. In fact, Zendaya revealed that she was quite jealous when she discovered that Foxx was hosting a dance party on the set for the movie. She said that Rihanna was playing and the entire cast and crew were dancing. She further added that this might have been the reason behind the production delay for the movie as this caused her some major FOMO.


Jamie Foxx Was Promised He Won’t Be Blue In The Movie

Behind The Scenes Facts About No Way Home

Jamie Foxx’s character was heavily criticized when it first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Amongst these criticisms, one of the major ones was regarding his blue strange blue appearance, which the actor himself did not fancy much. Producer Amy Pascal revealed that in order to convince the actor to return to the character he was promised he won’t be blue this time. Based on what we got to see in the movie, it seems that she actually kept her promise. Electro’s appearance in the movie is one of the most comic accurate depictions that has ever been done in the history of superhero movies along with the cool personality of the actor. There are actually various meta-jokes about this brand new take on the character in the movie.


JK Simmons Convinced Everyone To Keep His Mustache

Fans might’ve noticed that the MCU version of J Jonah Jameson is actually rather similar to the one we got to see in the Sam Raimi movies. The only difference in both is the difference in the hairstyles, as the actor now appears to have a bald top. But the similarity actually eases his addition into the franchise and this is mostly because JK Simmons managed to convince Marvel to keep this certain appearance. Apparently, Marvel had different plans for the character but the actor managed to convince them to keep his mustache, and the attitude.


Tom Holland Pulled Pranks On The Producers For The Movie

Spider Man No Way Home Download Hindi

Tom Holland has a rather awesome and fun personality and that is quite apparent when he appears for the interviews and other events for the movie. The actor managed to pull a rather fun prank on the producers for the movie using the pandemic to his benefit. Most of the movie was shot during the COVID-19 pandemic and this has everyone on the set continuously using hand sanitizers. Meanwhile, Holland had a bottle of lube that he used to fix a broken zip on the Spidey suit. According to him, the actor managed to make Mitch Bell, whom he describes as “in charge of the money”, use the bottle of lube as hand sanitizer. He did the same prank on a boom operator too.

Which of these behind-the-scenes facts about No Way Home were you already aware of?

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