10 Lesser Known Facts About Mad Eye Moody

Facts About Mad Eye Moody:

When it comes to secondary characters in the Harry Potter series, Alastor Moody definitely comes to mind as he was a highly interesting and well-written character. Mad eye Moody enters the story in the fourth book as we see Bartemius Crouch Jr disguised as him. In the end, the identities are revealed and we finally meet the real professor Moody. Alastor Moody is one of the most thrilling characters of the series and his life has been very interesting. Here are some lesser-known facts about our beloved ‘Mad Eye’ Moody:

 10. He was born in a pureblood family

Facts About Mad Eye Moody

Moody was born in Scotland in a pureblood wizarding family and his exact birth date is not known. His father and mother were both Aurors, as were many of his ancestors. In fact, the Moody family gained a reputation for producing many “renowned Aurors” and Moody certainly lived up to the family reputation.

 9. He was one of the best Aurors

Facts About Mad Eye Moody

Moody was one of the best Aurors in the wizarding world and did his job really well. Most dark wizards feared and despised Moody as he was always on a lookout for them and was great at his job. As an Auror, he played a role in the imprisonment of many of the inhabitants of Azkaban. This activity led to his gaining many enemies and resulted in his becoming overly-cautious and paranoid about his security later in life.

 8. Tonks was his Protégé

Facts About Mad Eye Moody

After graduating from Hogwarts in 1991, Nymphadora Tonks went on to train as an Auror where she was placed under the watchful eye of Alastor Moody. She learned a lot from him and then went on to become a brilliant Auror herself. She was also a part of the second Order of the Phoenix alongside Moody and fought in the battle of Hogwarts as well as the battle of the department of mysteries.

7. He had his own invisibility cloaks

Facts About Mad Eye Moody

Invisibility cloaks are rather rare in the wizarding world but still some wizards including Harry Potter own them and Mad eye Moody is one of them. Apparently, Moody owned two invisibility cloaks which helped him catch many dark wizards as an Auror. He said he lent one of them to Sturgis Podmore which was never returned so he was left with just one eventually.

 6. Moody never trusted people

Facts About Mad Eye Moody

One of the most famous characteristics of Alastor Moody was the fact that he did not trust people. Moody was called insane by many because he was so vigilant all the time that he never even drank from a cup or glass that was handed to him. He always carried his hip flask and drank out of it as he believed people could curse him by spiking his drinks. He had even set many alarms and had many devices for keeping an eye on strangers.

 5. He did not trust Snape

Moody has always been wary of death eaters and even though Snape had proved his loyalty to Dumbledore, Alastor Moody was still skeptical of him. He even warned Dumbledore many times and told him to keep an eye on Snape. After Voldemort was defeated the first time, Moody caught many death eaters and put them in Azkaban.

 4. His magical eye

Moody was often described as creepy and one of the biggest reasons for that is his magical eye. He lost an eye during a fight and later substituted it with a magical eye that he used to keep an eye on people as it could look through a lot of things such as invisibility cloaks. His magical eye was later used by Dolores Umbridge to spy on her subordinates in the Muggle-Born Registration Commission. It was later retrieved by Harry when he infiltrated the Ministry of Magic in 1997 and was given a proper burial by Harry.

 3. Member of the original Order of the Phoenix

Facts About Mad Eye Moody

Alastor Moody was a member of the original order of the phoenix and he fought in both wars alongside his friends. He was one of the chief strategists in the Order and one of the most powerful wizards. He also fought as a member of the Order of the Phoenix in the first and the second wizarding war.

 2. He was killed by Voldemort

Lord Voldemort Seven Horcruxes

During the battle of the seven Potters, Moody rode with Mundungus Fletcher disguised as Harry. Voldemort, using his ability to fly, went straight for them as he believed Harry would be flying with the most skilled witch or wizard in the Guard, which was Alastor Moody. Fletcher panicked and Moody tried to stop him, but Mundungus disapparated, leaving Moody vulnerable to attack. Voldemort fired a Killing Curse and hit Moody in the face.

 1. His body was never found

Facts About Mad Eye Moody

After Voldemort fired the killing curse, Moody would have certainly died and fallen thousands of feet to the ground. However, after the battle, Lupin and Bill went to recover Moody’s body but could not find it. It is believed that the death eaters took away his body after the attack. This is the reason the Order could not even hold a funeral service for Alastor Moody.

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