10 Most Powerful Fusions in Dragon Ball – Ranked According To Power Level

Fusions in Dragon Ball:

Fusion has become a pretty useful weapon for the heroes of the Dragon Ball Universe. They have used it numerous times to vanquish countless foes in battle. The tradition has been taken forward from Dragon Ball Z to Dragon Ball Super, where the Potara Earrings were again seen in action. Throughout the years, several fusion forms surfaced in the Dragon Ball Universe, some of them being too powerful to be ignored.

 10. Piccolo and Nail

Fusions in Dragon Ball

Piccolo had already become stronger after training with the rest of the Z Fighters before they were about to be sent to Namek. Piccolo then found the almost lifeless body of Nail, the Guardian Angel of Namek and the Planet’s strongest protector. Namekians have the power to merge, an ability that is ingrained into their genes. Piccolo merging with Nail temporarily made him amongst the Top 3 Z Fighters during the Frieza saga. His powers after Fusion increased but it remained relatively lower compared to the rest of the Fusion forms. He is almost as powerful as Imperfect Cell after merging with Kami and Nail.

 9. Kibito Kai

Fusions in Dragon Ball

Kibito Kai is Supreme Kai fused with Kibito using the Potara Earrings. He occupies the last second place on our list because Kibito Kai is a support member of the Z Fighters. During the Majin Buu saga, Kibito Kai was strong enough to fight Majin Buu and Dabura. But his actual value addition to the team was that he could offer some much-needed aid to the team when members were injured. He is also the only being other than Goku amongst the Z Fighters who can teleport. If given a chance, Kibito Kai could hold his own against most of the Z Fighters except Goku and Vegeta.

 8. Gotenks

Gotenks was one of the first actual fused forms to have taken place in the Dragon Ball Z series. The fact that he was able to transform into Super Saiyan 3 right after the fusion process speaks volumes about him. Gotenks was more powerful than Super Buu. He could have become Earth’s strongest defender since he had the potential.  The only reason he ranked so low is that he is a truly arrogant brat. Most of the time Gotenks had with him, he squandered it fooling around. After Dragon Ball, Z came Dragon Ball Super, and Goku and Vegeta had already surpassed Gotenks by then and were light-years ahead

 7. Super Buu

Greatest Dragon Ball Villains

Super Buu ended up fusing with a lot of the Z fighters during the Buu saga. After transforming into Super Buu, Gotenks and Gohan in his new mystic form challenged Super Buu to a duel. Super Buu soon managed to use his candy beam to trick and absorb Gotenks. A short while later, even Gohan fell to Super Buu’s absorption powers and his powers then became Super Buu’s to use. After that Super Buu was powerful enough to fight Goku in his Super Saiyan 3 form and even almost defeat him. Super Buu was also revealed to have absorbed Piccolo in an earlier fight. We could have ranked Super Buu a little higher on this list but since Gotenks un-fused inside Super Buu while fighting Goku, his power levels went down a bit.

 6. Majuub

Uub was one of the fighters that came right after the Dragon Ball Z saga. He was supposed to be Majin Buu reborn as a good souled human being. Uub trained extensively under Goku in Dragon Ball GT, who was determined to make Uub the next Goku of the Dragon Ball Universe. And then Baby came along. After Vegeta fell to his machinations and became Baby Vegeta, Uub could not hold his own against him anymore. Fat Buu offered to fuse with Uub to give him some added strength. And thus Majuub was formed. Majuub had a power level that was equal to or even greater than Super Buu. Majuub surprisingly fought Baby Vegeta on an equal footing but was soon knocked out. Even still, his powers transcend most of the Z fighters.

 5. Baby Vegeta

Bay was a villain that had the power to fuse with literally every person on Earth. And he did! So we are not going to talk about all those fusions here because that will take all day. What we will focus on is Baby Vegeta, the strongest of all Baby’s fusions. Baby Vegeta significantly changed Vegeta’s appearance and looked like an amazing transformation. It was also Baby’s greatest weapon against Goku and his Super Saiyan 4 form. Baby Vegeta even accomplished feats no one else in the history of Dragon Ball has managed to – he fairly and squarely defeated Goku in single combat. Even though the victory was, in the end, temporary, it showed everyone just how powerful a fusion Baby Vegeta was.

 4. Super Android 17

Fusions in Dragon Ball

Super Android 17 has irked fans of Dragon Ball for a long time. If we take the logical path, Super Android 17’s power levels do not make sense. Android 17 is perhaps the weakest android amongst all the new-age Android Warriors created by Doctor Gero. Super Android 17 was created after merging Android 17 with another version of the same created in hell, forming the Super Android 17.

Since Super Android 17 had the power of two Android 17s, his power would technically have been equal to or lesser than Semi-Perfect Cell. But he got some major power boost after the fusion. Not even Vegeta was strong enough to hold his fort against Super Android 17. Goku in his Super Saiyan 4 form was being given a run for his money by this guy. Super Android 17 even had the power to absorb energy thrown at him and gain even greater power.

 3. Gogeta

Gogeta is the fused form of Goku and Vegeta in the now non-canon Dragon Ball GT. Fans are still debating which form is stronger – Vegito or Gogeta but the facts state that the Dragon Ball Z Vegito, who could not even transform to Super Saiyan 3, was the weaker of the two, That was until Dragon Ball Super gave Vegito some much-needed power upgrade and he transformed into Super Saiyan Blue.

That is not to say Gogeta is not powerful. Both Goku and Vegeta could access Super Saiyan 4 forms in Dragon Ball GT, and so Gogeta has the power of two Super Saiyan 4s in his veins. That was more than enough for Gogeta to wipe the floor with Janemba and prove more than a match for the Omega Shenron, the last and seventh Shadow Dragon and the concluding Super Villain of Dragon Ball GT Series.

 2. Fused Zamasu

Fusions in Dragon Ball

Zamasu was a gifted martial artist and an immortal being from the realm of the Gods. He was the most powerful of the Kaio-Shins. Zamasu went rogue because he believed that the mortal realm would soon surpass the Gods in strength and would challenge their authority. His fear became true when Goku and Vegeta accessed their Super Saiyan Blue form, and thus managed to control the God Ki. To defeat them, Zamasu fused with Goku Black in his Super Saiyan Rose form.

Fusions in Dragon Ball

As a result, the Fused Zamasu was born. Zamasu could not be killed on his own since he is a God and thus immortal. And that was the biggest weakness of Fused Zamasu. Since Goku Black was ultimately a mortal, Zamasu and Goku Black fusing meant that Zamasu idiotically gave up his Godhood and immortality for more power. In the fused state, he was no doubt stronger but also finally killable.

 1. Vegito

Fusions in Dragon Ball

Vegeta and Goku have fused in the past. Their fused version’s name in Dragon Ball Z was called Vegito. He fought Majin Buu during the Buu saga. The other fused form of Goku and Vegeta is called Gogeta, and he appears in the now non-canon Dragon Ball GT. If we compared Vegito from Dragon Ball Z with Gogeta from Dragon Ball GT, then the latter would have ranked higher on the list. But Vegito made a surprise appearance later in Dragon Ball Super.

Fusions in Dragon Ball

Since both Vegeta and Goku and achieved the Super Saiyan Blue form, Vegito could also achieve that feat and his Super Saiyan Blue had the combined might of both Goku and Vegeta. The only reason Fused Zamasu was able to defeat Vegito was that Vegito’s power was so great that his fusion form could not contain it within itself and he ran out of time.

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