Moro is Dragon Ball Super’s Only Super-Villain Goku Can Never Defeat

Moro is Super-Villain Goku Can Never Defeat:

Dragon Ball Super is going on a roll recently. The anime series might have ended but the Manga is still extending that story arc. The last and final nemesis of Goku that Dragon Ball Super came up with is Moro, an ancient villain who once terrorized the universe about ten million years ago. Moro has returned from his slumber to threaten the world once again. And this time, not even Goku can manage to stop him. All this while, we believed that only Lord Beerus will be the one true warrior stronger than Goku. But as it turns out, Moro might also be stronger than the Saiyan Warrior. And Goku is about to fight Moro in a Death Match.

Moro is Only Super-Villain Goku Can Never Defeat

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59 by Akira Toriyama up ahead. Enter at your own risk…

It was in Chapter 57 that Goku returns to Earth again. He quickly dispatches the top lieutenants of Moro, who have proven to be too much for even the powerful Z Fighters. And Goku does not even transform into Super Saiyan 3 to do it. He uses a technique called Ultra Instinct. This technique allows Goku to remove his thought process from the loop, letting his body driven only via divine instinct and intuition. This drastically decreases his response time and increases his reflexes since there is no wasted movement. This allows Goku to easily defeat Moro’s henchmen. But Moro has already defeated the Saiyan once. And since Chapter 59 is setting up the final clash between Goku and Moor, the end of this fight will not be something the Dragon Ball fans would want to see.

Moro is Only Super-Villain Goku Can Never Defeat

Moro and Goku start fighting right after Goku takes down all his lieutenants. Moro seems to be on the back-foot. There is no way he could match up to Goku’s speed and agility. Moro then uses his trump card to counter Goku’s speed. Moro uses his magic to restrain Goku’s hands and feet. And it seems to work. Goku gradually finds a way to get rid of the magical restraints set on him by Moro. He then again switches to using his magnificent speed to his advantage to counter Moro’s signature Energy Absorption abilities. The fight seems evenly matched since both the fighters have their unique tricks to take the other guy down.

The tables turn when it is revealed that Whis and Merus know a secret about Goku’s Ultra Instinct that nobody else knows. Goku’s Ultra Instinct form is not stable. The technique that Goku has mastered is no doubt powerful but it is merely the initial technique of the Godlike Martial Art. Goku has mastered Ultra Instinct Sign – which is the first stage of Ultra Instinct. The technique thus gives him the power to boost his strength and speed but it comes at a price – it is super taxing to his body and puts tremendous strain on Goku. And there is also the fact that Goku cannot sustain this technique indefinitely unlike the other Gods who can be in Ultra Instinct form for infinite amounts of time.

Moro knows this and since he is the shrewdest of all super-villains, he had been stalling all this time. He was waiting for Goku to exhaust his energy after using up most of his Ultra Instinct Time so that he could be defeated easily. Moro knows he cannot possibly defeat Goku if had completely mastered Ultra Instinct. Goku comes to know about Moro’s plans soon and he decides to unleash whatever he has got on Moro to end this fight quickly, abandoning Merus’ plan to conserve his Ultra Instinct Energy throughout his fight with Moro.

And this step will be Goku’s down-fall. There have been multiple instances where Goku has decided not to pay heed to instructions and has fallen prey to his warrior-like whims. He did that with Vegeta where his Kaio-Ken almost killed him. He did that with Frieza, where he again got his butt handed to him on Namek and would have died easily if not for Goku to unlock his Super Saiyan form. He did that with Jiren as well during the tournament of power. Although he won all those fights, Lady Luck will not always be on Goku’s side. This time, Moro has a high chance of defeating Goku for good.

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