Why is Broly Always Better (Than Goku) And Represents The Best of Saiyan Race

Why is Broly Always Better Than Goku:

Over the years, more and more intriguing facts about the Saiyan race are coming to light. The Super Saiyan was just the base transformation. There are half a dozen more levels of power than Goku and the Saiyan Warriors of the Z Fighters have unlocked since Goku turned into a Super Saiyan during the Frieza saga. But the one power he will never be able to achieve due to the power always remaining unachievable to him, courtesy of his lineage, is the Legendary Super Saiyan form.

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The Legendary Super Saiyan form has only been tapped onto by two Saiyans to date – Kale of Universe 6 and Broly of Universe 7. Among those two, the one who takes the cake is Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan who has become somewhat of a fan favorite over the years. And we might have some good news for the Broly fans.

Why is Broly Always Better Than Goku

It has been more than a year since Dragon Ball Super: Broly was released. The true reason for making the movie was not just to make big bucks but also to convey a very important message. The message was – No matter how much Goku trains, Broly will always be the one that truly symbolizes the real essence of the Saiyan Race. This message hits us hard every time we think about it more and more. And we have finally concluded that Broly was, is, and always will be better than Goku no matter what.

The core of this theory rests on the obvious Legendary Super Saiyan transformation. Broly has managed to unlock this form while none of the other Saiyan fighters of Universe 7 have managed to. Just like the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God transformation, the Legendary Super Saiyan is also a mythic tale that has been passed down from one Saiyan generation to another like ancient folklore.

The Legendary Super Saiyan transformation is infamous within Saiyans as an ancient tale that tells of one Saiyan who unlocks this form every thousand years and turns into an unstoppable demonic force of nature, not even the entire Saiyan force could stop if it banded together. The Legendary Super Saiyan transformation takes advantage of a Saiyan’s signature berserker rage and amplifies that power by a million times, which Vegeta claims were how the ancient and original Saiyan warriors became so dreaded throughout the universe.

While Kale has also tapped onto this form, only Broly has shown to be in partial control of it since he was trained from childhood by Paragus to get a grip over his anger and temper. Broly will always be the one true Legendary Super Saiyan. He has proved it in battle too many times already.

Why is Broly Always Better Than Goku

Now that we have established that fact, we will move on to the prima facie of the discussion. We now come to the Oozaru transformation. Otherwise called a Saiyan’s Great Ape form, the Oozaru Transformation is triggered within a Saiyan under the effect of a full moon. A Saiyan turns into a giant ape with his or her powers amplified beyond measure. Anmy Saiyan with a still intact tale can access its Oozaru form. The Oozaru form is the crown jewel of the Saiyans. It is what once made them truly formidable in battle. And here’s the catch – Goku, the most powerful Saiyan warrior of all, cannot access the Oozaru Great Ape form. Broly though can somehow manage to access that power. By fluke or by sheer genius, he knows how to control the form that once made all the enemies of the Saiyans crap their pants.

By now you must be thinking this – sure Broly has the Oozaru transformation at his fingertips but nothing can beat Super Saiyan God or Super Saiyan Blue right? Wrong!! Remember the title of the article. We claim Broly to be a better Saiyan than Goku not based on sheer power and techniques alone. Goku has since branched off to tactics, martial arts, and techniques that are beyond the Saiyan purview. Ultra Instinct, Kaio-Ken, Instant Transmission, Super Saiyan Blue – all of these owe their origin to a foreign power. But Broly has become what he is today based solely off of his Saiyan legacy. His techniques are purely and a hundred percent unadulterated Saiyan in nature.

We again fall back to the example of the Oozaru form. Broly uses this as the source of all his strength. Goku can access the powers of Super Saiyan God by transforming into Super Saiyan Blue, which allows him to gain access to God Ki. But Broly does not even need God Ki to fight on equal terms with Super Saiyan Blue Goku. He uses his mortal Saiyan Ki and his Oozaru power to do the trick. And it works just fine. Broly does not just open up the gates for the Oozaru’s powers to flow into him but he even manages to gain control of it. This meant that unlike the typical Great Ape form which makes a Saiyan lose control, Broly has total physical and mental control over his own body. Even while using his Great Ape Power Broly is still himself.

Any Saiyan who has lost his or her tail cannot become a Great Ape under a full moon again. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks – all of them have lost their tails. Broly too does not possess a tail. So the question that now arises is – How come Broly uses his Oozaru form even though he does not have a tail while the rest of the Saiyans cannot? The Oozaru form allows Broly to gain heightened speed, strength, and enhanced martial prowess as well as combat skills to help him fight on par with a Super Saiyan God.

Without a tail, Broly has none of the weaknesses a Great Ape form encompasses. He does not need a full moon. He is no longer vulnerable to someone cutting off his tail and forcing him into returning to his normal-sized form again. So by basically using his body as a container for all that power, he managed to pull off this impossible trick. Need we remind you again that neither Goku nor Vegeta has managed to do this?

Why is Broly Always Better Than Goku

We still have not addressed the elephant in the room yet. Goku has been trained by the greatest martial artists in the world and the universe has ever seen. Being trained under Master Roshi, the Kais, and then being personally trained by the Gods, Goku has learned so much as a warrior. On the other hand, we have Broly – who grew up in a barren, desolate land with no actual training. All he could ever do was survive the dangerous creatures and spider-like carnivores that roamed the lands. Since his father was a very weak Saiyan Warrior, he could not impart enough combat knowledge onto his son. As a result, Broly relied on raw, brute force in battle which was evident in his fight with Goku and Vegeta.

But here’s what got everyone puzzled. Even with no actual martial arts experience and relying on brute force tactics, Broly still managed to force Goku and Vegeta into transforming into their Super Saiyan God forms. Goku and Vegeta are two of the strongest Saiyans to ever exist. They are two of the strongest mortals of the MDragon Ball Universe. An inexperienced and untrained Imagine if Broly could do this with no formal training in battle, what he can accomplish if he had a proper mentor who could teach him the art of war!

And we even have an official source to prove our point. Takao Koyama is the screen-writer for many Dragon Ball Z episodes and features. He believes that there is only one character that can be termed as the “Universal Strongest” in all of Dragon Ball. And that is Broly!! He states and we quote:

“[It’s] because he’s the strongest. Even including the TV anime, nobody exists in the world who’s stronger than Broli. I mean, even Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyans, was trembling in fear. I felt that there’s no way that kind of mightiest being would die in a single outing. After all, some kids cried at Broly’s overwhelming strength when they saw ‘Burn Up!!’ at Shueisha’s preview screening. It’s always difficult coming up with an enemy for Goku because I’d constantly have to escalate their strength. So, he ended up appearing three times.”

Still, Think Goku’s better? Of course, you don’t!!!

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