Buu Vs. Cell Vs. Frieza – Which Dragon Ball Z Super-Villain Wins This Fight

Buu Vs Cell Vs Frieza:

There have been too many supervillains who have risen in Dragon Ball. All of them have fallen to the might of Goku and the Z Fighters. After coming up with scores of villains, the Dragon Ball anime has finally found its groove when it has successfully created a roster of powerful nemeses. Within that roster, three super villains always manage to come out on top. Majin Buu was the last and final villain of the Dragon Ball Z saga and was its most powerful villain yet. The cell was the creation of Doctor Gero, a long-time Dragon Ball villain who considered Cell to be his final masterpiece. Frieza, as we all know, is the inter-galactic conqueror who tasted defeat at the hands of Goku during the Namek saga. What if all three of them decided to trade fists? Who would win??


Why Goku Chose Frieza

In more ways than one, Frieza should be the one to be credited for whatever has happened to date in Dragon Ball. He was the one who destroyed Planet Vegeta and orchestrated the Saiyan Genocide. It was Frieza’s actions that made Goku and Vegeta into the Saiyan Warriors they are today. Frieza is the descendant of the Great Space Pirate Chilled, the second son of King Cold and the younger brother of Cooler, all of whom are powerful warriors in their own right. Frieza is a Galactic Conqueror and before Goku stole his groove, Frieza had already invaded and successfully established his rule on 448 planets, which constituted about 70 percent of the universe.

Nobody knows the actual name of Frieza’s race but they are infamous to be an extremely powerful species.  King Cold, Frieza’s father, was born a mutant. His mutation allowed him to become stronger than any other member of his race. He soon became their leader. Frieza, his son, also inherited his father’s mutation. But Frieza’s mutation was more rigorous and even when he was just a child King Cold realized that Frieza is much more powerful than him. Frieza was soon given the reins of King Cold’s Empire and he became a ruthless dictator. Frieza’s power is so great that he was considered to be the universe’s most powerful mortal warrior even though he has had no formal training. Frieza’s defeat at the hands of Goku shocked even Beerus, Universe 7’s God of Destruction who had personally sparred with Frieza.

Frieza’s strength and power was the reason Goku chose him as Universe 7’s final warrior to represent them in the Tournament of Power. Frieza trained for the first time in his life after realizing Goku had surpassed him and this achieved his famed Golden Form. His Golden Form has proved to be strong enough to fight Super Saiyan Blue Goku. It is said to be so strong that Frieza could fight on par with both Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta simultaneously. The only reason Frieza ranks below Super Saiyan Goku and Vegeta is that he has yet to fully master the powers his Golden form grants and is yet to find a way to maintain it more sustainably.

Majin Buu

Buu Vs Cell Vs Frieza

Majin Buu is a being that is said to be created out of pure magic. He was the creation of the Powerful Magical Warlord Bibidi. Majin Buu’s purpose was to help Bibidi conquer the entire universe. Before the events of Dragon Ball took place, Majin Buu had already become very infamous. During the peak of its power, Majin Buu had destroyed entire Galaxies, conquered civilizations and vanquished countless enemy warriors with his bare hands. After Bibidi’s death, Majin Buu was sealed and trapped within the planet of Earth. It was Bibidi’s son Babidi, who was also a powerful sorcerer, who awoke Majin Buu from his deep slumber and led to the on-set of the Majin Buu saga in Dragon Ball Z.

Amongst Buu’s super vast array of powers, the one that should be mentioned first and foremost is his magic. Buu is a being of pure magic and thus has powerful magical abilities that are known to have limited reality and probability warping abilities. This magic power is the basis of Buu’s Candy Beam technique. This technique allows Buu to absorb any enemy who is stronger than him, thus gaining the opponents’ powers and abilities. Buu has used this to absorb Gotenks, Gohan, and Piccolo.

Buu Vs Cell Vs Frieza

Buu has more than ten transformations to his name, with his final transformation being the Kid Buu form and his most powerful transformation being the Super Buu form. Buu also has extensive regeneration powers, which comes super handy in battle. And let us not forget the Human extinction attack, an attack that uses the full scale of Buu’s sensory powers to lock on to every human being on the planet and release multiple energy beams that home in on each individual’s special aura like a guided missile to destroy an entire race.


The Most Legendary Anime Villains

Cell is a Bio-Android. He is the most ultimate creation of the genius Android Scientist Doctor Gero. Cell was not created in the present timeline. He is one o the first-ever creations that was completed via the help of Doctor Gero’s Super Computer long after he was gone. Cell was designed using the genetic material of all of the most powerful warriors of Earth. Any warrior whose power could give Cell an advantage if assimilated into him and fell within the range of a specially designed remote tracking device was used to create Cell’s genetic framework. The result of that amalgamation was that Cell was the most perfect and well-rounded warrior possessing the abilities of all the strongest Z fighters likes Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta, as well as other powerful villains like King Cold and Frieza. Imagine the combined strength of all these heavyweights. That is Cell for you!

Buu Vs Cell Vs Frieza

Cell’s most powerful ability is his power to absorb multiple beings at the same time. While he was in his Imperfect Cell form, Cell revealed he had the ability to absorb more than 15,000 human beings. This put him on the same power level as Piccolo, who had fused with Kami and was claimed to be as strong as Android 17 by Android 16. Cell does not even need to fully absorb a person. He can just slowly siphon off the power of his opponent in a fight, a feat he showed during his fight with Piccolo.

Buu Vs Cell Vs Frieza

When things went out of hand, Cell just absorbed six hundred thousand humans more to gain the advantage over Piccolo. He soon absorbed Android 16, Android 17, as well as Android 18 to become stronger than most of the Z fighters. Cell is powerful enough to stop Super Saiyan 2 Goku and survive a Final Flash from Vegeta. Like Majin Buu, Cell also possesses powerful regeneration abilities and can access Super Saiyan Third Grade powers just after looking at Future Trunks powering up. Cell was deemed to be a threat to not just Earth but the entire Universe!!

Verdict: Who wins this fight?

Buu Vs Cell Vs Frieza

Majin Buu, Cell and Frieza – all have their skills and capabilities. Buu has magic. Cell has his superior absorption powers. Frieza has his innately powerful Golden Form. Deciding a winner between the three will take a careful balancing of all the abilities each supervillain possesses and trying to analyze which will be more effective against the other two opponents’ powers in a fight. So after careful observation, the victor of this fight will be – Majin Buu!!

There is just one reason why Majin Buu will win this fight. It is because, during the Buu saga, there were several warriors like Gotenks, Gohan, and Piccolo who had the power to fight Buu on equal terms. The only reason Buu came out victorious was because of his ability to absorb opponents. The more he absorbed, the stronger he became. Super Buu was said to be so strong Kibito Kai warned Goku even his Super Saiyan 3 form could not defeat him. Majin Buu has magic and the ability to transcend his opponents, and his ability is way more potent than Cell’s. Frieza might be strong but all Buu needs to do is use his Candy beam on him and turn the tables. There is no way Cell or Frieza come out of this alive. Buu wins this round.

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