10 Weird Facts About Saiyans That Will Surprise All Dragon Ball Fans

Facts About Saiyans:

The Saiyans are the most prevalent and prominent warrior race in the Dragon Ball Universe. But they harbor many dark secrets. Some of them are as amusing as they are twisted. The Warriors with a Monkey Tail are not what they exactly seem to be. Get ready to have your minds blown away.

 1. Their love for meat

Facts About Saiyans

Saiyans are natural warriors whose bodies have adapted and evolved to support heightened muscle growth. For muscles to grow, they need vast amounts of protein. Since Saiyans usually undergo battles and rigorous training to develop their bodies, their muscles need even more proteins to repair that wear and tear. As a result, the Saiyans love to eat meat over anything else.

Facts About Saiyans

Even in the anime, we see Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and the rest of the Saiyans to chew up large amounts of meat whenever there is a feast. Caulifla once showed just how easy it was for her to guzzle up meat right from an animal’s bone. The more they eat, the more nutrients they get from the meat and the stronger they become. The Saiyan culture has almost no place for veggies in their diet.

 2. The Original Super Saiyan God

There is a very ancient tale about the Saiyans. It tells of the story of the original Guardian of the home planet of Vegeta. As its protector, the Guardian of Vegeta was tasked with keeping it safe from everyone and everything. But after seeing what his race had become, the Guardian decided to destroy the planet rather than watch his own people turn into monsters. It is later revealed that it was Frieza who destroyed Planet Vegeta.

Maybe King Kai was trying to save Goku from Frieza, who would have definitely gone after Frieza had if he had known that it was Frieza who had wiped out his kind. But with Goku achieving the Super Saiyan God level, a theory states that the Original Guardian was also a Super Saiyan God. There is even a record of a Super Saiyan God existing before Goku. So there is some weight to this story.

 3. Class-Based Discrimination

The Saiyan Society is completely classist in its entirety. All the individuals of their race are classified as a warrior based on their power levels. And that is done right after the Saiyan is born. King Vegeta and his bloodline are supposed to be the most powerful of all the Saiyans. But that is completely untrue. Goku is from a relatively lower-class bloodline and he managed to outdo Vegeta and his descendants in every way possible as a warrior.

Facts About Saiyans

This proves that King Vegeta, who was pretty weak compared to the rest of his subjects, was just peddling lies to secure his right over the Saiyan Throne. This is truly a dark truth indeed. The Saiyans were a victim of an ancient lie that tied them to a societal structure that was fake and flawed. Maybe without it, some Saiyans would have gotten more powerful and stood up against the might of Frieza. Maybe then, the Saiyan Genocide could never have happened.

 4. Their tails have no nerve endings

A tail is basically the extension of the spine. And if you cut it or hurt it, it is extremely painful. Imagine somebody cutting your thigh bone off. But the Saiyan physiology and anatomy give their tails a very vestigial function. Other than the fact that it allows them to transform into their great ape form, these tails serve no other purpose. Even if the tail is cut, the Saiyan will feel no pain. If somebody hurts your spine, it hurts like a b*tch. Imagine if it starts to grow back?! If your spine starts to regrow inside your body, it will create a lot of painful complications. Not for Saiyans though!!

 5. Saiyans of Universe 6

Facts About Saiyans

The Saiyans of Universe 7 is all but extinct. But that is just one universe. Universe 6 is the twin universe of Universe 7 and it too has Saiyans of its own. These Saiyans are a bit different than the Saiyans of the mainstream Dragon Ball Universe. For starters, Universe 6 Saiyans do not have tails. They also possess a significantly weaker healing factor. What makes them unique though is that they adapt and learn very quickly.

All the Saiyans of Universe 6 managed to learn how to transform into Super Saiyans in a matter of minutes, something that took Goku a hell of a lot of beatings to finally be overcome with emotions to master. They have tremendous potential. Kale, a Saiyan from Universe 6, was able to keep up with Goku’s Super Saiyan Blu form in her Super Saiyan 2 form!!

 6. Remain in Peak Human Physical Condition almost all their life

Super Saiyan Transformations in Dragon Ball

The Saiyans have a life span which is basically the same as human beings. They live up to 75 to 100 years. There are exceptions to that rule and some actually become multi centenarians. But what separates Saiyans from Humans is that they can remain in their prime almost all their lives once they reach a certain age.

Facts About Saiyans

In Dragon Ball Fusions, a Nintendo SDS Game, we are introduced to Stabba, a pure-blooded Saiyan Woman who is a lot older than Goku. Despite her old age and her wrinkles, she is still a warrior in the heart and body. We will not go so far as to say Saiyans are immortal but they time is not a very effective weapon to reduce their warrior skills.

 7. Super Saiyan Pee

There is something really twisted and wrong with Saiyan biology. Take for example their urinary system. During the Buu Saga, as Vegeta was busy fighting Majin Buu, Goten and Trunks took a detour in their Super Saiyan forms. Both decided to take a leak and lo and behold, the fans saw steam coming out of their urine as the Super Saiyan Kids started peeing.

Their pee is so strong that is was literally melting the stone on which it was falling. It is either that or maybe the force with which they were peeing was enough to melt stone. Goten and Trunks even decided to carve out their names in stone. Super Saiyan Pee could actually kill humans if it touched them. How is that for a weird fact!!

 8. Not all of them are Warriors

Facts About Saiyans

The anime leads us to believe that all Saiyans are warriors. But that is totally untrue. There are several sections of society that fulfill nonwarrior like duties. There are Saiyan Scientists, Cooks, Soldiers with very little combat ability that rely on advanced weaponry like Saiyan Snipers, and Saiyans with zero physical attributes to be classified as a Warrior Class. Beets, the Saiyan that landed along with Broly and Paragus on the Planet of Vampa, barely had the body to be seen as a threat. Broly had an army of Saiyan Scientists monitoring his health in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The movie also showed Saiyan Women like Gine who acted as cooks and chefs for the others.

 9. The Tale of the Legendary Super Saiyan

There is another Saiyan legend other than the ballad of the Super Saiyan God that supposedly destroyed the original Planet Vegeta. That is the legend of the Legendary Super Saiyan. The Legendary Super Saiyan is not achievable via rigorous training. So Goku can never reach this level. It can only happen if the Saiyan has a specific and rare genetic mutation that drives him or her towards a different evolutionary path.

Facts About Saiyans

Kale and Broly have achieved this Legendary Super Saiyan transformation all thanks to their genetics. It is said that the Legendary Super Saiyan was the first-ever Super Saiyan transformation and is a million times more powerful than the Super Saiyan Transformation of Goku on Planet Namek.

 10. Attraction for Strong-Willed Women

Facts About Saiyans

Saiyan Women, like Saiyan Men, is very strong-willed and arrogant. The Saiyan Race is now extinct and there are only two actual pure-blooded Saiyans left in the Dragon Ball Universe. But that does not stop the Saiyans, Pure or Hybrid, to be genetically predisposed to like Strong-Headed Women. Vegeta’s love for Bulma, Goku’s affection towards Chi-Chi, and Gohan’s inclination towards Videl is not just a stroke of luck.

All these women actually are similar to Saiyan Women, who show the same level of confidence and the headstrong attitude that makes them suitable candidates for mating and furthering their kind.

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