Did Iris West Allen Actually Die? Here’s an INSANE Theory

In the penultimate episode of The Flash, we saw a tragic event. Iris West or now Iris West Allen finally got killed by Savitar. In spite of Barry’s efforts to save her from this future, she ended up with this fate. I referred to her as Iris West Allen because she finally accepted Barry as her husband. The sight of her dying in Barry’s arms was a really emotional scene. But, what if we tell you there could be a potential twist?


This is something which many fans have argued and as a Flash fan, I am going to point out both sides of this argument. It is speculated that H.R. switched places with Iris using the tech he had which could give you the appearance of anyone. This plan couldn’t be told to anyone as Savitar would learn of it if Barry knew this. As we saw in the last episode, H.R. thinks he hasn’t contributed to the team in any manner, he feels that this is the way he can. Give up his life and finally take down Savitar by changing the future.

iris west allen actually die

However, this theory about IRIS WEST ALLEN not dying and H.R. dying might not actually be true. Here’s why:

We see Iris and Joe sharing a moment on Earth-2 remembering old memories. How can H.R. know about those moments? Thus, this is the only argument against this theory.

So, we will need to wait till Tuesday/Wednesday to find out what actually happened? Is Iris actually dead? If not did H.R. take her position? If not H.R. could it have been someone else? Anything to take down Savitar, right!

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