Bro Thor Could’ve Looked Very Different in Avengers: Endgame

One of the biggest surprises in Avengers: Endgame turned out to be the new version of Thor that showed up. We already knew that Smart Hulk will be coming in Endgame at some point of time, but none of us (except for Roger Wardell) had the slightest of clue as to how Thor was going to change in Avengers: Endgame. This change was for the better as it was an experiment that paid off big time. People loved Bro Thor. Some did complain that Thor’s character was degraded, but it was a fitting direction keeping in mind what Thor had gone through over the last few years. Chris Hemsworth was right to fight for Fat Thor.

Bro Thor Look Avengers Endgame

People also argued that by making Thor fat, Marvel actually tried to fat shame & joke about people suffering with obesity. But that wasn’t the case. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Marvel actually gave fat people a reason to feel like a Superhero and maybe even relate to Thor. We saw Thor lose his father, his best friend, his brother, his planet & more than half of his people. When he thought that he is going to get his revenge, Thanos stole the victory right from under Thor’s nose. He snapped and since it happened right in front of Thor when it shouldn’t have, Thor felt like the biggest loser in the galaxy. He just couldn’t take so much of loss and wanted to bury his guilt & grief. So, he did that in a way most people do, alcohol.


The added weight and the alcoholism really made the character human. People were able to connect with him on an emotional level, and we also got to have some fun with Lebowski Thor. Because it wasn’t the final entry of Thor in the MCU, the creatives could’ve afforded to have Fat Thor throughout the film, and so they took the call. Looking back at what happened and knowing what’s coming for us, we can say that it was the right call that Marvel made on Thor.

It is obvious that like every other character, quite a lot of planning went into bringing us this cool, hippy version of the God of Cheese Wiz. But as you can see the above designs, Bro Thor almost looked quite different. It’s fair to say that the choice of clothing for Thor was ultimately the best choice. Cosplay people have got an easy costume to show off now. Regardless, here’s another version of an alcoholic King Thor reminds us of Robert Baratheon. Take a look:

Bro Thor

Screen Rant has done a piece suggesting why Thor should stay fat in Thor: Love And Thunder. But we don’t really agree to that statement. We’ve seen in the MCU that everything with Thor has been a phase. Thor was put back on the right path by his mother, who also asked him to eat a salad. So he is going to work hard and get back in shape the next time we see him. Even Taika Waititi was not supportive of the return of fat Thor, so it won’t happen. Just as we mentioned the “phase” thing with Thor, his short hair were also a Phase. Thor was pretty reluctant to get a haircut, so we don’t see him getting another haircut. We will see him sporting a heavy beard and a royal look, possibly like the one at the end of Endgame (minus the extra pounds of flesh).

Bro Thor Look Avengers Endgame

We’re ready to see the most powerful version of Thor in Love And Thunder. This will possibly be the film where Thor finally gets to be with Jane for a longer period of time. Things will get serious. There won’t be any more mutual dumping as Jane will also become a version of Thor. So, she and Thor could unite on multiple adventures now. Let’s see what happens. Thor 4 arrives on February 18, 2022.

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