Top 10 Most Skilled Gun Specialists in Movies

We have seen countless gunslingers in movies but not every character can handle a gun when push comes to shove. These characters know their way around a gun and their shooting speed and accuracy make them the best in the business. Just do not mess with these guys, or you know what’s coming for you. Here’s the list of skilled gun specialists in movies of all time.

#10: Robert McCall

Skilled Gun Specialists in Movies

Played By: Denzel Washington

Movie Name: The Equalizer series

Robert McCall is a retired Black Ops Operative and CIA agent who just wants to forget his former life and move on. But fate had some other plans as he had to turn into a vigilante to take out a gang of Russian mobsters. Being a former agent, he has complete control over his ‘Gun’ game.

#9: Barney Ross

Played By: Sylvester Stallone

Franchise Name: The Expendables Franchise

The mastermind behind the rag-tag group of mercenaries named The Expendables, Barney Ross has completed countless dangerous missions. He is also the fastest handgun shooter and reloader in the team. This entire franchise is about guns and explosions, and Barney is at the forefront of it.

#8: Wesley Gibson

Skilled Gun Specialists in Movies

Played By: James McAvoy

Movie Name: Wanted

Wesley was only a normal guy with a dead-end life until he met Fox. She subjected Wesley to a brutal training regime and turned him into a master assassin. Thanks to his superhuman concentration abilities, Wesley was able to bend the bullets and hit the mark every time without fail.

#7: Bryan Mills

Skilled Gun Specialists in Movies

Played By: Liam Neeson

Franchise Name: Taken Franchise

Brian Mills is a retired CIA operative who is forced to unleash his wrath upon miscreants when his family is threatened. He is deadly with a gun as he would find a way to kill his enemies, no matter the situation he is in.

#6: Ethan Hunt

Played By: Tom Cruise

Franchise Name: Mission Impossible Franchise

Ethan Hunt is a fan favorite secret agent working in top-secret espionage and covert missions. Played by the exhilarating Tom Cruise, Ethan Hunt can accomplish anything. The character is so proficient with guns, that he is considered to be a legend in the agency itself.

#5: Django

Skilled Gun Specialists in Movies

Played By: Jamie Foxx

Movie Name: Django Unchained

Django, also known as the “Fastest Gun in the South”, is a former slave, who bands with Dr. King Schultz and embarks on a blood-filled journey to find and rescue his wife. He is one of the best gun users in this entire universe and he shoots enemies even before they could reach their guns.

#4: Agent 47

Skilled Gun Specialists in Movies

Played By: Timothy Olyphant

Movie Name: Hitman

Agent 47 is a genetically enhanced assassin who was trained to kill since birth. You cannot become the greatest assassin in the world without God-tier Gunplay, and that’s why only Agent 47 was given that title. His skills are so profound that his bullets have never missed a mark.

#3: Jason Bourne

Played By: Matt Damon

Franchise Name: Bourne Franchise

Jason Bourne is a master spy and assassin who loses his memory after he is betrayed by his government. His cunning and intelligence, coupled with his next-level gun skills, make him one of the most dangerous men on Earth. His extensive knowledge about weaponry makes him the best in the industry.

#2: James Bond

Played By: Daniel Craig

Franchise Name: James Bond Franchise

The legendary spy James Bond has been entertaining all of us with his gun skills for decades. He is a complete expert when it comes to gunmanship and has complete precision. He can devise exceptional strategies to defeat his enemies even before they make a move.

#1: John Wick

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum Trailer 2

Played By: Keanu Reeves

Franchise Name: John Wick Franchise

John Wick has completely sensationalized the world of assassins with his amazing Gun-fu skills. He is a legendary hitman, who is feared by even the most dangerous assassins of the world. The master marksman can take out several enemies at once with his Godly skills.

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