The Villian of The Spider-Man Spin Off Morbius Has Been Revealed

After the grand success of ‘Venom’ at the box-office, there are reports that the villain of Jared Leto’s movie on the adaptation of Morbius, The Living Vampire has finally found its villain as Sony made it clear that they’re going to give the stage to the villains now and heading towards the direction of giving way to the villains of Spiderverse.

Morbius Spider-Man Spin Off

The success they had with anti-hero Venom is sufficient to boost their confidence in their theory of going out with villains upfront as Venom is slowly and steadily getting closer to the gross collection of movies like Justice League and Logan and predicted by many to out-gross these movies at the box office. So, with a success like this, it’s hard to question the thinking and strategy of Sony as despite getting disastrous reviews from the critics all over the internet, the film still managed to break records like this and also a collection of this level at the box-office.

Morbius Spider-Man Spin Off

So, the next project they’re coming out with is ‘Morbius the Living Vampire’ and there was news that Jared Leto is the man who is going to play the role of this character who is one of the most famous characters of Marvel and to see Leto in the role of a vampire, I think it’s certainly going to be better than his role as ‘Joker’.

There wasn’t any news regarding this movie until The Hashtag Show revealed that the villain of this movie is going to be the Loxias Crown who is the best friend of character Morbius. With this news in the context of this film, maybe we are going to see a different kind of superhero movie this time.

Morbius Spider-Man Spin Off

There are also reports that the character with the name ‘Loxias Crown’ isn’t in the comics and has been created for this movie but there are also some speculations that the character is based on one of the most popular super villains of the comic worked by the name of Hunger. It has been said that the villain Crown is the supervillain who later started calling himself by the name of Hunger. As we all know that Hunger is the villain who’s been an enemy of both Spider-Man and Morbius. With Sony having a whole lot of characters in their library from the world of Spider-Man, there are hopes that they’ll use them in the best manner possible.

Morbius Spider-Man Spin Off

There are also reports in the market that the Crown who is also going to get affected by the same blood disease from which Morbius is affected. Also, according to some reports, there are also chances that Morbius and Crown will take the same ‘cure’ which will transform both of them in vampire-like creatures and it’s Morbius who is going to stop Crown whose hunger for human blood keeps on increasing and increasing. Also, if the reports are true then we are going to see Morbius in the role of an anti-hero in which we have seen Venom already.

Morbius Spider-Man Spin Off

Also, the story is going to be a lot similar to most of the films we see about the origin movie of the superheroes or super villains. With this kind of story in mind, there are things which suggest that Sony is planning to bring Morbius and Venom in the same frame and going to form their very own Cinematic Universe just like DCEU and MCU. But, it’s going to be very tough for them because no one really knows anything about Morbius if we talk about general audiences.

Morbius Spider-Man Spin Off

It’s hard to disagree with the approach Sony is having by forming their own Cinematic Universe which has been led by supervillains so far and after the gigantic success of Venom, coming with origin story of Morbius is a great idea and there are a lot of vampire lovers around the globe who’ll feel blessed to have this super villain on the big screen. There are also predictions and questions whether Sony will ever allow these villains or characters to the MCU because chances are high that they’ll go for an R-Rated movie after seeing the taste of the fans.

So, what you’re expecting from this film and the villain of this movie ‘Crown aka. Hunger’? Tell us in the comments below.


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