10 Facts About Super Saiyan God All Dragon Ball Fans Must Know!!!

The Super Saiyan God transformation took us all by surprise when Goku first attained it in the Dragon Ball series. But there are tons of facts about the legendary transformation that many Dragon Ball fans still do not know about. This list is for those fans who want to know more about the Super Saiyan God mode. Presenting – 10 Facts about Super Saiyan God all Dragon Ball fans must know!!!

Originally accessible only by combining powers of Six Saiyans

The Super Saiyan God Transformation is a rarity within the Saiyan Culture and History. And there is a reason to it as well. There is a ritual that needs to be performed for a Saiyan to achieve the Super Saiyan God Transformation. This ritual requires the combined strength and power of six pure hearted Saiyans. Pure hearted Saiyans are an even rare occurrence in the universe. The process grants a user un-imaginable strength in exchange for the rest of the partakers in the ritual being drained of their power.

It is later revealed that the transformation can be achieved through a specialised form of divine training. These Saiyans that undergo this training can then combine this transformation with their first Super Saiyan from to achieve Super Saiyan Blue or Rose.

It is different than Kaio-Ken

Facts About Super Saiyan God

Super Saiyan God and Kaio-Ken both give Goku red auras. They are both power augmentation techniques. But Super Saiyan God is different because it is not a martial art technique. It is a legendary technique only accessible to a handful of highly gifted fighters, Kaio-Ken is a fairly easy technique to learn and master of you are a Dragon Ball Z Fighter. And Kaio-Ken is inclusive of all people. Anybody can do that. The super Saiyan God transformation is only reserved for Saiyans. Although both are potent abilities, the Super Saiyan God mode is a million times stronger than Kaio-Ken could ever be.

A Super Saiyan God existed before Goku

The Super Saiyan God transformation is considered to be a legend in not just Saiyan history but is also a folk tale and myth in other alien cultures. A Super Saiyan God has the power to challenge the Gods. That is exactly why it is considered to be a myth since no one can possibly be able to gain that amount of power. A Super Saiyan God was actually recorded to have arrived in the Planet Vegeta, where he was tasked with stopping the evil Saiyans from taking over the planet. He failed because the Super Saiyan God Transformation has a time limit. Even the people of Namek know about this form and have even documented on how to achieve it in their Book of Legends.

Has its Unique Fighting Style

Facts About Super Saiyan God

Unlike other transformations that only give a wielder a boost in strength and power, the Super Saiyan God Transformation does way more than just giving its user brute force. Super Saiyan Gods can actually gain access to an ability called the Godly Ki. Whoever knows how to use the Godly Ki in battle can use it to nullify the attacks of other opponents as well as absorb their energy!

It also makes their aura so stealthy that it cannot be sensed by others. But the most important ability this transformation grants its user is the ability to use the godly Ki to predict and dodge his enemies’ movements and strikes, thus literally turning a Super Saiyan into a God amongst men.

Goku’s special connection to Super Saiyan God

Facts About Super Saiyan God

Fans came to know about this form right during the Beerus arc. Goku managed to gain this new power and was considered to be on par with Beerus. Both fought to a point that their punches sent ripples across the cradle of creation. Old Kai even claimed that if Beerus and Super Saiyan God Goku did not hold back in their fight, it would take only three punches to completely destroy the universe.

Goku was soon drained off the power of Super Saiyan God but he managed to fight even after that. Normally, the form drains a user’s power levels to such an extent that he or she will lose all energy after the time limit is done. But Beerus speculates that Goku’s experiences and instincts as a fighter led him to subconsciously tap into the Super Saiyan God power even after it was gone. He later mastered the ability on his own via rigorous training.

Has a time limit

There is always a trade-off to power. The more you want, the more you need to give. All the transformations that Goku has had work on the same logic. Take the Kaio-Ken technique for example. It surely augmented Goku’s abilities but put tremendous strain on his body to the point that he almost passed out while fighting Vegeta for the first time. The SuperSaiyan God transformation also gives Goku added strength but has a sure shot trade-off – it can only be used for a short amount of time. While fighting Beerus, Goku kept switching between Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God form to get around this limitation.

Has a calming effect

Facts About Super Saiyan God

Super Saiyans are very noisy people. They scream and shout and let their emotions take over when they fight. The Super Saiyan form was achieved solely because Goku totally lost it while fighting Frieza. But that is not the case with Super Saiyan God. The energy that you gain access to once you reach SuperSaiyan God is of another level entirely. It gives you access to Godly powers called the Godly Ki. The Ki calms the mind and helps a warrior think clearly. This could be seen in the fight between Goku and Beerus. Goku is more level headed and composed than he ever was before. It is the effect of the calming aura of the Super Saiyan God Form.

It is the reason why Frieza killed all the Saiyans

During the Frieza arc, we are led to believe that Frieza killed all the Saiyans and destroyed the planet Vegeta because of his fear of Saiyans attaining too much power. The power Frieza was afraid of was thought to be the legendary Super Saiyan form. But in the Battle of Gods arc, it is revealed that it was not a Super Saiyan that made Frieza cower in his sheets.

The oracle Fish had foretold Beerus that a SuperSaiyan God is about to appear on Earth and thus Beerus began his crusade to destroy the planet before an evil Saiyan is able to achieve that power. But way before that, the legends about the Super Saiyan God already existed. And it was why Frieza was ready to commit mass genocide of an entire race.

The Super Saiyan Rose Transformation

Facts About Super Saiyan God

Once a Saiyan warrior surpasses the SuperSaiyan God mode, he or she either gains a blue or red aura depending on the user’s status and Ki usage. The most common transformation we have seen is the Super Saiyan Blue. But there is also the Super Saiyan Rose transformation. In this form, the user gains access to a scarlet hued aura and additional powers.

This form was most proficiently used by Goku Black, who gave the Z Fighters a run for their money. His Super Saiyan Rose transformation was so potent it was able to survive multiple point blank attacks by Vegeta in his Super Saiyan Blue form. When Goku Black fused with Future Zamasu to become Fused Zamasu the combined being remained in a permanent Super Saiyan Rose form!

Helps them survive Outer Space

Facts About Super Saiyan God

A user of the SuperSaiyan God transformation does not need to worry about the cold vacuum and vastness of space and its ever increasing dangers like extreme heat or radiation. Saiyans generally cannot stay in space for long but as long as a Saiyan is in his Super Saiyan God mode, they can survive Outer Space for as long as the transformation lasts. It came in handy for Goku when Goku fought Beerus the God of Destruction in the Battle of Gods story ac. It sure is a rather useful ability to have when most of your enemies nowadays come from the distant corners of the universe.

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