The Batman Theory – Part 3 Will Be About Red Hood & the Joker

The Batman: Part 3 about Red Hood & Joker

Matt Reeves is building a noir-Batman tale that will be driven by his grounded real-world approach and establish Batman as the World’s Greatest Detective. This new Batman movie won’t be an origin story as Batman will have already come into existence. Batman will be in his formative years and his crime-fighting will be tested by multiple villains. Rumor has it that this story will take place in Bruce Wayne’s second year as the Batman. Yes, we know that the film isn’t out, but who’s to stop us from thinking about Part 2 & 3. After all, Matt Reeves is building a Batman trilogy with the Bat family, the Joker & Bat-Family members will surely come into play.

The Batman Part 3 about Red Hood & Joker

One could argue that we have already seen enough Jokers. Jack Nicholson was followed by Heath Ledger, Jared Leto & very recently Joaquin Phoenix. Also, Phoenix might be up for a sequel as well. So if Joker is already doing so much, then would WB want another version of the “Crime Prince of Gotham” in The Batman trilogy? Well, the answer is yes. Definitely!! Joker is someone who completes Batman. Sure we don’t want to see Joker just yet.

The first Batman movie will involve a different Rogues Gallery with the Penguin & the Riddler being the ones to test Batman. Since this film will be driven by a murder mystery plot, it is bound to involve less action as compared what we might have got in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie. But the second Batman movie should definitely be action heavy. We theorize that it should involve the likes of Ra’s Al Ghul, Bane & Deathstroke all at once. It should take place after a bit of a time jump and allow us to see a young Nightwing as well.

The Batman Part 3 about Red Hood & Joker

Then, we arrive at the third Batman film. This is where Joker comes into play. Since it’s Robert Pattinson playing Batman, the fans have already chosen their long-time fan cast for the Joker, Willem Dafoe. People have wanted to see him for as Joker ages, and he is surely someone who could do justice to the creepy, sinister, cynical crime boss of Gotham. In 2019’s The Lighthouse, the critics may have seen Robert Pattinson & Willem Dafoe giving their 100% to the role. But what comic book fans saw was the Batman & the Joker. Come on WB, make our dreams come true. Cast Willem Dafoe as Mr. J.

The Batman Part 3 about Red Hood & Joker

Anyway, The Batman 3 should also involve a time jump but not right at the beginning. Since we’ve already seen plenty of Batman vs. Joker stories, the movie could actually begin with the opening montage of a pretty mature Batman & a young Jason Todd, trying to catch Joker (& Harley Quinn). This whole montage might lead to Jason Todd getting captured & supposedly being killed by the Joker, with Batman failing to save him. Then comes a bit of time jump which would be after Batman captures Joker & puts him in jail.

The Batman Part 3 about Red Hood & Joker

After the time jump, in comes Jason Todd, as the Red Hood. He’d not only offer a physical challenge to Batman (who by now is in his late 30s or early 40s & is getting slower), but he’d become a great mental challenge for the Caped Crusader. That’s because Todd will be questioning Batman’s no-killing rule which he stood by even in the case of Joker, who killed seemingly his protégé. To escalate things, we might see an amazing performance from Willem Dafoe as the Joker.


And The Batman trilogy could have a tense ending, with Todd ultimately joining the Bat-Family once again. As for who’d be a part of the Bat-Family by Part 3? We might have Catwoman (obviously), Nightwing, Batgirl, and now Jason Todd. The film could end either setting up a Batman beyond movie for a distant future, or The Batman 4, which will probably be about the entry of Damian Wayne. Let’s see if we’d get our wishes of seeing a live-action “Under the Red Hood” story fulfilled or not.

The Batman releases on June 25, 2021.

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