All Trick Arrows in Hawkeye Episode 3, Echoes

Hawkeye episode 3 came out today with an absolute bang. It had an explosive beginning and an astonishing end, to say the least. A good episode has one good highlight, this one had several. We got an origin story for Echo in the MCU, with the bloody handprint and everything. There was also the Kingpin tease at the end of the episode which made the fans excited for more. Then there were the trick arrows in Hawkeye episode 3 that made Kate Bishop look like the best archer in the world. Here is a list of all these trick arrows in episode 3:-

Acid Arrows

These one’s we’re particularly nasty and seem to be a chemical abomination instead of a callback to anything else. Of course, we cannot be sure whether it is just acid or something is taken from a supervillain. But the use of these arrows was pretty unique in the episode. The archers used them to ‘disable’ traffic lights of a city intersection in hopes that this would slow down their pursuers. This only ended up as a mild distraction to the likes of echo but it was fun to watch Kate Bishop expertly aim these at their targets proficiently.


Putty Arrow

The ones called putty arrows were meant to be used to jam the wheels of vehicles. That is why Hawkeye said. It seems to us that these could have been used for jamming any kind of machinery but they would not be effective in a straight-up battle. So of course, Kate Bishop shoots them at the windshield of the bad guys. This signifies that the tools are only as useful as their handler and Kate Bishop may be the greatest archer in the world but she is no Hawkeye. She still needs tactical training to become an Avenger.


Bomb Arrow

Trick Arrows in Hawkeye

These are the most dangerous of the bunch if you don’t combine them with anything else. They are the arrows we saw in all their glory back in Avengers. Loki caught one of these coming towards him only to have it blow up in his face. That is the most strange part of it all. The bomb arrows seem to have a latency between when they are shot and when they explode. One wonders, though, how do these arrows know that they are being shot and that they should explode? I hope it is not just luck.


Grapple Arrow

This is another one of those arrows that we have seen Hawkeye use time and again in all sorts of different scenarios. The Grapple arrow is just an arrow with a bunch of rope and a grappling hook at the end of it. It is used by the hero to latch onto buildings so that he can leverage his fall and land somewhere safe instead of meeting his demise because of gravity. The iconic scene of Hawkeye jumping from a rooftop in Avengers was also accompanied by the grapple arrow.


Black Widow Arrow

This is not the official name of the trick of the arrow. It is just what we have decided to call it in remembrance of Natasha Romanoff. The black widow arrow has a kind of high tensile strength string that shoots out from its tip in all directions when it hits its target. The aim of the arrow seems to be to stop the person/monster/vehicle it is shot at. Sort of like what Maguire spidey did at the end of Spiderman 2 with the train running out of control.


Plunger Arrow

Trick Arrows in Hawkeye

Seems useless at first, but this arrow was designed to be used as a tether for other stuff. The arrow seems to have some high-quality adhesive at the end of it which enables it to stick to surfaces without much hindrance. This allows for some strategic moves that only Clint can figure out. Much like what he did at the end of the car chase scene in Hawkeye episode 3. The final jump on the train was right out of a spy movie we never knew we wanted to see.


Pym Arrow

By far the highlight of the entire episode. This arrow has a cache of Pym particles at the end of its tip. This allows the shooter to turn what they are shooting at into a giant version of itself. We saw Hawkeye pull a brilliant move like that by turning a normal arrow into a gigantic arrow and stopping the truck that was chasing them. It is quite extraordinary to see Hawkeye pull things like this. We never could have imagined that the show would have the budget for this kind of shenanigans.


USB Arrow

This was one of those arrows that made a comeback from Avengers. Clint used his USB arrow to hack the shield mainframe and mess with the flight controls of the carrier. But this USB arrow in episode 3 was pretty much useless. It was shot at one of the goons of tracksuit mafia and acted only as a distraction while the Pym arrow was being set up.

Smoke Arrow

The smoke arrow seems pretty closely related to the putty arrow. In so far as they both have the same color chemical inside them. The smoke arrow seems to be a diversion tactic and it was used by Kate like it was a bomb arrow. So things might not have worked out well for the archer as she wanted. Although the arrow did look very cool.


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