5 Superheroes Who Are Actually LGBT

Although the Marvel universe has been a world filled with superhumans with astounding powers or just plain smart, super rich people who choose to be superheroes, it also depicts many societal reflections.Whether it’s promoting women’s rights or racism, comic book stories delve into some pretty intense topics. And when it comes to dealing with sexuality, Marvel’s got that covered too,having written some awesome characters and story arcs that deal with love of all kinds. Here is a list of the top five superheroes who you may not know are actually LGBT.



Northstar is the first openly gay character in Marvel comics.He was part of theCanadian superhero team Alpha Flight, he later joined the X-Men. He pursued a relationship with Colossus in Ultimate X-Men comic.He published an autobiography entitled Born Normal, just before officially joining the X-Men.



Although Deadpool is not actually under the umbrella of gay and more fluid in his preference, he has been known to flirt with everyone from Wolverine to Spider-Man to Copycat.The merc with a mouth has also confessed to having a crush on the Norse God Thor.

Wiccan And Hulking:


Wiccan and Hulking were part of the Young avengers series of comics. Both characters are involved in a relationship with Hulkling proposed to Wiccan and, that very night, the two were told that they were now considered official Avengers.

Mystique And Destiny:


Mystique is an openly bisexual character (maybe it has to do with all that shapeshifting) who had a very intense relationship with Destiny. Her death resulted in the many motives Mystique took when interacting with other mutants.



Batwoman was a response to comic book critics who alleged that the Dark Knight was homosexual and that his stories were partly gay propaganda.She has been romantically linked with Reneé; Montoya and, more recently, with Maggie Sawyer, an old friend of Superman’s.

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