The Nun Rotten Tomatoes Score Hint That The Movie Might Bomb

The Conjuring Universe has rejuvenated the Horror Genre in Hollywood as all 4 movies have pulled in a decent set of audiences. Now, they are extending the franchise by yet another spin-off which originated from The Conjuring franchise, The NUN. The reason why these movies keep getting sequels is that the people are loving what they offer, which is the ultimate level of thrill and that turns these movies into Box Office Successes. But the Critical Acclaim has not been great every time, and it does not look good for the new Spin-off as The Nun Rotten Tomatoes Score does not go hand in hand with the Box Office predictions.

While the predictions for the opening weekend end for The Nun are looking to create history as The Nun is tracking numbers from $36-$45 Million according to the new report from Deadline. But the film does not really have the critical acclaim. The Current Rotten Tomatoes score of the film is at 32% and out of 65 total reviews counted, 44 are rotten!

The Nun Rotten Tomatoes Score

The general consensus of the movie says that it does not have anything new to offer as it has the slow narrative full of those cliché jump scares, creaky floor sound effects and things that we are now used to with a horror film. The positive reviews do claim that it is a crowd pleaser, but the general out-take is that it won’t offer something extraordinary like the first Conjuring did.

So we could say that this movie might end up like Annabelle which started with $37 Million and ended up with just $257 Million as it had a poor critical acclaim having an RT score of just 29%. But there are many occasions where the Rotten Tomatoes score does not matter much for the people who go to watch these films. So, People may end up going anyway, and enjoy the thrills from those jump scares which seem to be something that is promised!

RT Scores for ConVerse:

  • The Conjuring – 86% Fresh
  • Annabelle – 29% Rotten
  • The Conjuring 2 – 79% Fresh
  • Annabelle: Creation – 70% Fresh
  • The Nun – 32% Rotten

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