10 Most Skilled Non-Avengers In The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with characters who are not directly related to the Avengers brand but may prove to be an extremely worth ally of the Avengers initiative. These individuals have their own set of skills that have their pros and cons and may prove to be worthy allies in the goal of keeping the earth safe from the invading forces of space and evil organizations on earth. These characters appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a form of support for characters who take place or support the main heroes in their fight against evil forces and scums of the universe. These individuals may offer great support and insight about the issues at bay and may even hold their own in extreme circumstances. Here is a list of the Most Skilled Non-Avengers In The MCU who can aid the Avengers in any future missions.

 10. M’Baku

Skilled Non-Avengers In MCU
Skilled Non-Avengers In MCU

The leader of the Jabari tribe and a warrior by birth. M’Baku was the former enemy to the King of Wakanda but has recently mended his and his tribe’s ties with the Wakandan empire. M’Baku is a warrior of large stature and brute strength and may prove to be a worthy ally as an Avenger.

 9. The Punisher

Frank Castle is an ex-marine soldier who went on a criminal hunting spree after he lost his family in a tragic event caused by members of a gang while he was on a picnic with his family. Frank somehow survived the ordeal and went on to become the vigilante who popularly came to be known as the Punisher. Frank Castle may not have any superpower but his skill set and his urge on seeking vengeance on bad people may make him worthy enough and bring him to the likings of Hawkeye & The Black Widow.

 8. Gamora

Skilled Non-Avengers In MCU

The adopted daughter of the Mad Titan Thanos has from birth being trained to be a master assassin by Thanos and the children of Thanos. Probably one of the best assassins in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with intergalactic expertise on taking down her target makes her an apt advisory and again may bring her to likes of Hawkeye and Black Widow.

 7. Daredevil

Probably the only superhero after Spiderman who can see almost everything without even blinking. Daredevil has taken down the like of kingpin, bullseye and often battles out the evil ninja association called the hand in an attempt to keep his city safe. Again, a non-avenger character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who might add to the Avenger portfolio.

 6. Groot

Skilled Non-Avengers In MCU
Skilled Non-Avengers In MCU

Groot is one of the last sentient beings of an ancient lost race called ‘Floral Colossus’ from Planet X. He is the Muscle of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ group and plays a vital role in performing many dangerous tasks which might leave others damaged for life. Groot’s regenerative abilities allow him to transform his arms into a shield or even a long extension of his arm while piercing multiple enemies in one strike.

 5. Ghost Rider

The flaming rider is the living embodiment of the ‘Spirit of Vengeance’ and can transform into the punishing spirit at will. Ghost rider’s penance stare is his primary weapon against his enemies, but the most powerful power he owns is the power to transform anything he touches into a weapon of mass destruction summoned right from hell. Be it a chain, a gun or even a bike, Ghost rider’s touch can make him transform any normal object into a weapon of destruction.

 4. Iron Fist

Skilled Non-Avengers In MCU
Skilled Non-Avengers In MCU

Raised by the monks of K’un-Lun, Danny Rand was an orphan who was trained to become the Iron Fist. The ability permits Danny Rand to manifest superhuman strength in his fist’s which make them nearly indestructible. Danny achieves this feat by manipulating the Chi in his body towards his fists, the Chi manipulation also allows him access to multiple other abilities. Iron Fist can be a remarkable addition to the Avengers team, where his indestructible fists can be employed to stop any evil foe.

 3. Wong

Avengers: Endgame Wong

Wong has proven himself worthy of the Avengers team, with his contributions in the field of battle alongside Doctor Strange.

 2. Jessica Jones

A private investigator with a host of powers which includes superpower and durability and a sarcastic knack for any situation. She may be mentally disturbed with all the mind control thing but would become a force to reckon with as an ally of the Avengers.

 1. Luke Cage

Skilled Non-Avengers In MCU
Skilled Non-Avengers In MCU

With an indestructible body and the knack of always doing what is right makes Luke stands at the top of our list. He may be a protector of Harlem but can become the most treasured ally of the Avengers.

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