15 Greatest Baseball Movies Hollywood Has Ever Made!!!!

Baseball – the ultimate American Spectator Sport. People live and die for this game in the United States. The land that gave birth to Hollywood also happens to be the birthplace of one of the most popular games in human history. So it was just a matter of time before Hollywood caught up to it. Presenting 15 greatest Baseball movies Hollywood has ever made….

Bull Durham

The story of Bull Durham revolves around the experiences of writer/director Ron Shelton as he watches the journey of Durham Bulls, a minor league baseball team in Durham, North Carolina.

Field of Dreams

An Iowa Farmer starts hearing the voice of God inside his head. So he does the logical thing. He cuts down his field and makes a baseball diamond after which he is soon visited by the Chicago White Sox in 1919.

Major League

The story of Major League is riddled with dope humor. A selfish woman puts together a horrible team so they will lose and she can get rid of them. The team starts playing well and winning the game just to get back at her.

The Sandlot

The Sandlot revolves around a Sandlot team. A new kid comes into town and is taken under the wing of a baseball genius as the whole team goes on their own set of adventures. It is a coming of age drama and worth the effort.

The Natural

The Natural asks a simple question – Are we sent here for one specific purpose? What if that purpose for someone is, say, baseball? What happens when a simpleton starts to hit homeruns in Major Leagues to become a superstar?

A League of their own

The movie tells the story of two sisters as they take part in the All American Girls Baseball League along with their teammates.  The story revolves around their attempt to win the game amidst a budding sibling rivalry.


Baseball movies

Moneyball shows the world that even Sports is becoming ultra modern. A top notch Baseball Manager uses computer analytics to determine which player would be best suited for a team that will win him the League.

Eight Men Out

The Chicago White Sox are best known for the way they cheated their own fans by taking bribes to intentionally lose their own game. This movie is a dramatization of that Scandal that happened in the 1919 World Series.

The Pride of the Yankees

The 1942 movie is a tribute to Baseball Prodigy Lou Gehrig, who played for just one year for the Yankees. He later died of a disease that has been colloquially named as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Angels in the Outfield

A boy prays to God for a simple, beautiful wish. If the California Angels win the Pennant, he will have a family. The wish is granted by God himself as he assigns Angels to make that happen. It is a family as well as Sports Drama.

For the Love of the Game

Billy Chapel is an aging Baseball Pitcher whose career is on the decline. The movie tells the story of his career as the years flash right before his eyes.


Jackie Robinson is one of the first African American Superstars to join Major League Baseball. The story involves Jackie as he finds himself in an increasingly racist environment as Jackie tries to fight back and soar high.

The Bad News Bears

The movie is a sports comedy and one of the finest of its genre. A minor league baseball player who is down on his luck gathers a team of outcasts to win a super competitive baseball league in California.

The Rookie

The Rookie tells the true story of Jim Morris as he takes the reins of a High School Baseball Team. He manages to turn them around as they start winning matches. Then their greatest threat arrives when a Big League Team challenges them to a match.

Rookie of the Year

This 1993 Sports Comedy tells the story of a twelve-year-old boy, who after an accident, is miraculously gifted with a super strong pitching arm and joins a Major League Baseball team as their lead pitcher.

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