Top 10 Awesome Good Movie Characters That Turned Bad

These characters started their journey as good people but they changed their ways after a life-changing event that pushed them over to the dark side. These characters prove that no one is born bad, but are made evil due to certain unfortunate situations and choices. Here’s the list of good movie characters that turned bad.

#10: Nina Sayers

Highest Grossing Movies of Natalie Portman

Played By: Natalie Portman

Movie Name: Black Swan

Nina Sayers was an aspirational and fragile dancer that had a very naive view of the world. When everything she cared about started to fall apart, she could not keep up with her good side. She became obsessed and even though she did become the Black Swan, she destroyed herself in the process.

#9: Carrie White

Top Stephen King Horror Movies

Played By: Sissy Spacek

Movie Name: Carrie

Carrie was a sweet and innocent high school student, who was bullied to the extreme. They made her into an outcast and berated her most cruelly. After a point, she just could not take the suffering and went on a murder rampage using her telekinetic powers and gave us a badass ending.

#8: Jean Grey

Brutal fights between X-Men members

Played By: Famke Janssen

Movie Name: X-Men: The Last Stand

Jean Grey was one of the purest and kindest mutants but even she could not overcome the power of the Phoenix. It corrupted her and turned her into the supervillain Dark Phoenix. After transforming, she wreaked havoc on the world by destroying everything that came in her path.

#7: Saruman

Good Movie Characters that Turned Bad

Played By: Christopher Lee

Movie Name: The Lord of The Rings Franchise

The former chief of the wizards fell to the darkness himself as he could not resist the temptation. He was supposed to oppose the Dark Lord Sauron, but he ended up serving his interests. The heroes did manage to show him his place at the end.

#6: Smeagol

Played By: Andy Serkis

Movie Name: The Lord of the Rings Franchise

Smeagol lived a peaceful life with his family before turning into Gollum. After he found the One Ring, his mind was corrupted beyond repair and he turned into a twisted being. He could not control himself and gave in to greed. He did manage to redeem himself in the end to some extent.

#5: Magneto

Omega Level Mutants

Played By: Michael Fassbender

Movie Name: X-Men: First Class

Magneto always had the best interests of mutants in his heart, and he often went too far with it. Erik and Charles were like brothers at the start but Erik was not as lenient as the professor. He did not believe that humans could ever be their friends.

#4: Harvey Dent

Good Movie Characters that Turned Bad

Played By: Aaron Eckhart

Movie Name: The Dark Knight

Harvey Dent was an upstanding lawyer in Gotham who did everything in his power to right the wrongs. But the Joker was too much for him. The Joker shattered his spirit by killing Rachel and after that Harvey Dent became everything he used to despise.

#3: Jack Torrance

Top Stephen King Horror Movies

Played By: Jack Nicholson

Movie Name: The Shining

Jack was a proper family man who loved his family more than anything. The Biggest mistake of his life was to take the job at the Hotel. It turned him into a psychopathic and deranged killer. The spirits living in the hotel took over his body and made him do unforgivable things.

#2: Michael Corleone

Facts About Al Pacino Good Movie Characters that Turned Bad

Played By: Al Pacino

Movie Name: The Godfather

At first, Michael wanted nothing to do nothing with his father’s business, but he changed his mind after his father was attacked. Michael did not turn evil overnight, it happened slowly and painfully. In a world full of gangsters, Michael did not have a trusted ally and that pushed him over the ledge.

#1: Anakin Skywalker

Played By: Hayden Christensen

Movie Name: Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Anakin’s descent to the dark side is nothing short of a tragedy. He could not just sit back and witness the love of his life die during childbirth. He betrayed the Jedi after losing everything close to him and joined the Sith, to become one of the biggest villains in Star Wars.

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