MCU Theory: The Time Stone Still Exists & It Can Never Be Gone   

MCU Theory Time Stone Still Exists:

Thanos has destroyed all the Infinity Stones, but The Ancient One explained how important the stones are. These Stones create what we experience as the flow of time. Remove one of the stones, & that flow splits into branches. The Time Stone, in particular, maintains the balance of time. Without it, time will be chaotic. And without other stones, the multiverse would collapse. That’s what Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will address.

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But there’s one thing that keeps troubling every MCU fanboy. The Time Tone was probably the most important stone out of all 6. We’ve seen its importance in particular during the first Doctor Strange movie. Doctor Strange used the stone not only to reverse time and fix Hong Kong, but he also used to it bargain with Dormammu. Later in Infinity War, Strange used the stone to devise a winning strategy against Thanos. So, we know that Time Stone is probably the most important element to have existed in the MCU. Now that Thanos has reduced it to an atom, how will Doctor Strange prevent Earth against threats like Dormammu or Thanos? Heck even Dormammu could return and win against Strange this time.

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To solve this, we’ve actually got a theory. This particular theory states that the Time Stone still exists and it can never be fully destroyed. Doctor Strange knows how important the Time Stone is. He has seen its abilities first hand. We know that he saw 14 Million+ futures, and at least in the winning future, Thanos destroys all the Infinity Stones. So, how can Doctor Strange let the stone be destroyed if he knows its real importance? Our theory is that he found out a loophole in this and managed to sustain the Time Stone in the future even though it was destroyed by Thanos in 2018.

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Remember that Doctor Strange sent the time stone somewhere when he fought Thanos? We were made to believe that Doctor Strange meant to hide the stone, but what if instead of hiding the stone, Strange actually sent it to the future? He had already seen the future and knew that the stone will be destroyed by Thanos. So what if he sent the time stone into the future when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness takes place?

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Now in theory, this future Doctor Strange can now use this stone for as long as he wants and then could return the stone to the exact moment when Infinity War Strange calls for it in Avengers: Infinity War. This way, no new branched reality will be created, and the Stone could exist at all times. Doctor Strange could actually repeat this process to let the stone survive even in the future.

MCU Theory Time Stone Still Exists

This is a pretty cool theory but we know that it won’t turn into reality when Doctor Strange 2 arrives. That’s because Marvel will now explore things without using the Infinity Stones for the foreseeable future. Moreover, Doctor Strange with the Time Stone actually becomes way too overpowered, and that’s why the Time Stone might not return. But using this theory, it can still exits. So let’s see what happens.

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