10 Incredible Facts About Demon Bear – The New Mutants Villain You Must Know

Facts About Demon Bear:

As the release date for New Mutants comes closer, the secret behind the actual identity of the true villain of the movie is driving fans crazier and crazier. Many claims that the demonic entity called Demon Bear is the true villain of the movie. But who is Demon Bear? What does it want?? What is its role in the New Mutants movie??? Is it the same version that we saw in the comic books??

 1. There is more than one

Facts About Demon Bear

The Demon Bear is an entity that is made out of pure psychic energy. That makes it extremely difficult to kill since energy can never be truly destroyed but it can change its form. Several attempts have been made to kill Demon Bear. Many have failed but some have actually managed to succeed at this impossible task. Yet the Demon Bear has always found a way to come back to haunt the superheroes. There is a version that once roamed the lands of Warpath’s tribe after a curse befell his people. There is one more version of the Demon Bear that lives in the astral plane and haunts telepaths. The most powerful version of Demon Bear lives in an alternate dimension called the Badlands.

 2. Feeds on Negative Emotions

Facts About Demon Bear

Demon Bear does not need food, air or water to survive. The only thing it ever needs is to feed off of human emotion. The one thing it likes the taste of is a primal human emotion – fear. When the Demon Bear possessed Mirage, a mutant with powerful psychic abilities, he mentally tortured her psyche so much that the entity literally lived off of her fear and did not need anything else to survive. The more people it possesses, the better its chances are at gaining even greater power. Since there is no end to negative emotions that humanity can muster up and there is ample opportunities for Demon Bear to take over other people as much as he wants, he is basically a ticking time bomb.

 3. Created by Alien Technology

The Demon Bear has several origin stories. The one that stuck around the longest was the one connected to Danielle Moonstar aka Mirage. Danielle was just a kid when aliens abducted her parents and induced inhuman mutations in their bodies. This mutation was the reason for the creation of Demon Bear. It is made out of an advanced level of alien mind mapping technology that humanity does not have possession of. To think that there is an entity that is basically a walking, talking nightmare can invade your dreams and haunt you forever, and to top it off, is not of this Earth as well – Demon Bear surely gives us the creeps!

 4. Has fought other X-Men heroes

It is not like Demon Bear has only gone after Danielle Moonstar. There have been a lot of fights this old bear has fought. It has fought Wolverine. It once had a huge brush with Magik, the Queen of Limbo dimension. When it possessed and drove the animal spirits of Eli Bard’s tribe crazy, it had a brush-up with Ward as well. Another prominent X-Men superhero Demon Bear has fought is none other than Warpath. After another fight with the X-Man Bishop, it was held captive for a long time. Demon Bear is about to set his cannon loose again in the New Mutants movie. Let us see what other enemies he makes along the way.

 5. Only Magik’s Soul-Sword can kill him

Facts About Demon Bear

Since Demon Bear is a being made out of pure energy, conventional weapons cannot harm him. There is only one weapon that can actually hurt or even kill the Demon bear. It is the Soul Sword. Magik forged the Soul Sword using dark sorcery to mold a part of her own soul. The Soul Sword is formed out of pure energy from Magik’s very essence. Since the Demon Bear is basically a being of impure psychic energy, the Soul Sword, upon contact with Demon Bear, creates violent reactions in the latter. The result is instant death. Even in the comics, it was Magik’s soul Sword that drove the monster away.

 6. Can Teleport

Demon Bear’s abilities are profound and endless. The comics have only the surface of it all. It has amazing strength. It is way larger than a normal bear and has claws that can rip through steel like hot knife through butter. But the ability that sets it apart is teleportation. The Demon Bear can transport itself from one place to another using this ability no matter the location. Demon Bear is telepathically connected to an alternate dimension which is basically a gateway portal to any place on the planet. By transporting itself to its home dimension and then willing itself to reappear on Earth, Demon Bear can achieve instant transportation.

 7. Haunts Danielle Moonstar

Facts About Demon Bear

Danielle Moonstar has always considered Demon Bear her greatest bane. The leader of the New Mutants team possesses the ability to turn people’s nightmares into reality. That is an ability Demon Bear seeks to possess. Demon Bear’s origin story is also linked to Moonstar’s childhood. The woman has been hunted and chased after by the entity since time immemorial. Mainly appearing in her nightmares, Demon bear has regularly threatened Moonstar by saying that it will one day get to her and “consume” her while she sleeps. Moonstar is a person who can use nightmares as weapons but her own nightmare is her greatest weakness. The irony is killing us.

 8. Lives in an alternate dimension

Where does the Demon Bear live when it is not chasing after young psychic mutants?? Apparently it is a dimension called the Badlands. The Badlands look pretty much like western arid zones that are known to be populated by bears. Maybe the demon Bear has crafted the dimension as per its choosing, modeling it after a natural bear habitat found on Earth. The Demon Bear has used the Badlands dimension as a home as well as a transit point. It is a nexus gate to any place on Earth. It can also be used as a prison for its prey. Demon Bear has teleported countless innocent beings into the Badlands dimension so that he can devour them whole in his leisure time.

 9. Can possess people

Facts About Demon Bear

The entity also has the powers of possessing humans. The people that fall under his control can be used as slaves. Some of them, at Demon Bear’s choosing can be turned into Native American Warriors that will fight and die under his command.  Demon Bear once used this ability on Sharon Friedlander and Tom Corsi, both of whom became warrior slaves of Demon Bear. It has also possessed Danielle Moonstar on several occasions but has always been pushed back after that happened.

 10. Its movie origin might be even more mind-blowing

Facts About Demon Bear

Demon Bear has a kick-ass origin story in the comics. In fact, he has several origin stories. But the movie New Mutants will probably have a different tale to tell. Demon Bear will not be a product of alien technology this time. Supposedly, it will be a creation of Danielle Moonstar her-self. Moonstar possesses the power to give people’s nightmare physical forms. What if Demon Bear was Dani Moonstar’s own nightmare? What if she subconsciously gave her own nightmare a physical form and it is now haunting Moonstar?? What if the actual villain of the movie may not be even Demon Bear but Moonstar her-self after she gets possessed by the entity?!?!

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