Top 10 Most Relatable Villains in Blockbuster Movies

Relatable Villains in Blockbuster Movies:

Villains are always branded as evil, but when you stop to think about it, they are just misunderstood and have a different view of the world. Most of these villains had a tragic past which led them on their paths. The methods these ‘villains’ use are questionable, but their intentions are not.

#10: T-1000

Villains in Blockbuster Movies

Played By: Robert Patrick

Movie Name: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Franchise Name: Terminator

T-1000 was a shapeshifting android who was assigned the task of killing John Connor after the first Terminator failed. We can understand the motive behind T-1000’s actions as he was just an android following orders from Skynet and they were just acting to prevent their destruction.

#9: Roy Batty

Villains in Blockbuster Movies

Played By: Rutger Hauer

Movie Name: Blade Runner

Franchise Name: Blade Runner

Roy Batty was violent and ruthless, but the reasons behind his actions were relatable as he was only acting in self-preservation. He had a tragic past as he was born in servitude. If you had a chance to extend your life, would you not do everything in your power to accomplish that?

#8: Smeagol/Gollum

Sci-Fi Movies

Played By: Andy Serkis

Movie Name: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Franchise Name: The Lord of the Rings

The Power of the Ring was too much for the poor soul of Smeagol. We have all succumbed to temptation at some point in our lives, so we have no right to call Smeagol evil.

#7: Harley Quinn

Played By: Margot Robbie

Movie Name: Suicide Squad

Franchise Name: DC Extended Universe

It would not be wrong to call Harley Quinn’s past tragic as she was in a toxic relationship for years and that too with the Clown Prince of Crown himself. Harley Quinn, in a bid to prove herself to the Joker, engaged in illegal activities and that started her downfall.

#6: Darth Vader

Darth Vader Will Be a Better Villain Than Thanos

Played By: David Prowse/ James Earl Jones

Movie Name: Original Star Wars Trilogy

Franchise Name: Star Wars

Growing up without a father as a slave on a rundown planet, it was very difficult for Anakin and his mother and then his last string of happiness was snatched away by the Jedi. Losing everything you believe in would push anyone over the edge and this only proves that Darth Vader was more human than we thought.

#5: Thanos

How Thanos could return

Played By: Josh Brolin

Movie Name: Avengers Infinity War

Franchise Name: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thanos’ ultimate goal was noble, it was his methods that caused all the problems. He was right in his eyes as he was trying the save the world from an inevitable demise. He was willing to sacrifice his all, in order to do what no one could do.

#4: Erik Killmonger

Played By: Michael B. Jordan

Movie Name: Black Panther

Franchise Name: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Like most of the villains on the list, Killmonger had a tragic past as well. His father was murdered when he was just a kid, and he grew up fighting for basic necessities. He realized that Wakanda had the tools to liberate all the black people in the world and he just wanted to avenge his father.

#3: Severus Snape

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

Played By: Alan Rickman

Movie Name: Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, Order of the Phoenix, etc.

Franchise Name: Harry Potter Franchise

All of us hated Severus Snape with a passion until we found out about his true intentions. He had an extremely broken past, and Lily was the only ray of hope in his life and even though he could not have her, his actions were motivated by her love till his very last breath.

#2: Magneto

Played By: Ian McKellen/ Michael Fassbender

Movie Name: X-Men, X-Men First Class, etc.

Franchise Name: X-Men

Since childhood, Magneto was treated as a monster even though he was not one. He grew up making mistakes just like the rest of us but he could not take it anymore after he lost his daughter and that is when he chose to become the monster, we thought he was.

#1: The Joker

Played By: Joaquin Phoenix

Movie Name: Joker

Franchise Name: –

The most frightening thing about The Joker is that it could have happened to anyone of us. We all are fighting battles in our daily lives and The Joker is one who lost that battle. He said it himself best, “All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That’s how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day.”

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