Spider-UK is Reportedly Going to be in Spider-Man: Far From Home


Spider-Man: Far From Home is coming out and it is bringing two aspects of Spider-Man’s future along with it. The first element coming into play is the Multiverse which could one day lead to MCU’s very own Spider-verse. The second is the villains that are coming into play as this film is supposed to set up Spider-Man vs. the Sinister Six in the third solo entry of Spider-Man. With the Avengers franchise making it to the fourth film and the even the Thor franchise going on to give us another installment in the future, it is possible that the Spider-Man franchise could do the same.

A Spider-verse cannot be a thing for the third film because that movie will already be juggling with 6 Spider-Man villains along with the main character. So, we might just get a fourth movie which will bring in Miles Morales, Aaron Davis aka the Prowler, Spider-Gwen & what not! But before we get to that, Marvel will have to establish the fact that there could actually be a spider-verse and that could be done by Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Apparently through all the digital marketing mediums of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the trailers, TV spots and a few leaked toys, people are getting a hint that another version of Spider-Man could be making a cameo in the upcoming movie. Since there is a Multiverse, people think that Spider-UK could actually be making an appearance in the upcoming film.


So far from what we’ve seen, Peter has been changing different suits in the film. There were theories that these different suits are actually different versions of Spider-Men from the Multiverse, but that theory has been debunked. Although we can say that this theory could partly be right about one thing. Back in January or February, there was this toy leak that showed a Red & Blue costume with white stripes going around it similar to the Spider-UK. This is where the rumors about the Spider-UK first originated.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Norman Osborn

Multiple sources have claimed that this movie will have another secret suit when it comes out. So, with the Multiverse in play, what if different suit is actually the Spider-UK from another Earth? If you focus on a certain clip in the movie, you’d actually hear Mysterio literally name dropping Universes. He says that the Spider-Man Universe, i.e. the main MCU Universe similar to the comics is Earth 616. The earth that he comes from is 833. Now the point to be noted is that this is literally the same Universe that Spider-UK comes from. So this is another major hint that we’d be seeing Spider-UK in the movie & that would be a major step forward to the Spider-Verse movie.  

But how exactly is this going to happen? What could be the premise behind it? We know that Mysterio is going to be the big bad villain of this film. So, the story could be that he is a villain on his Earth, and he is on the run from Spider-UK. The snap tearing a hole in the dimension of Earth 833 could have allowed Mysterio to escape from that Earth. Following him to 616 is what might bring Spider-UK into play.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Another version of this could be that Mysterio on his Earth could have killed Spider-UK and that’s why he fled to this Earth & befriended Spider-Man here instead. This is why he probably says the line that “I could use someone like you on my world.” But as the movie progresses, the truth about Mysterio and what he did could come out, leading to the banter between him and the Spider-Man from 616. This way Spider-UK could be shown through a flashback.

Well, there are various ways in which Spider-UK could come into play, and hopefully Marvel will bring him in. Even Warren from The Cosmic Wonder supports this. So let’s see what happens on July 2.

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