Black Widow Theory – Why She Goes Back To Reunite With Steve Rogers

Black Widow Reunite With Steve Rogers:

The Black Widow movie takes place in a rather unusual timeline as it is a prequel, but the story doesn’t go as far back as films like Captain America: The First Avenger or Captain Marvel. The reason to keep the timeline placed between is now much clearer after the launch of the Black Widow trailer. Marvel wants to establish a new section of the MCU using Black Widow so they could use it in the future. But with the kind of story Black Widow is telling, you do stop to wonder how & why does she go back to hang out with Steve & co.

Black Widow starts off with Natasha on the run. Rumor has it that Tony Stark will be the one to send her on the run as his cameo will happen right in the beginning. Then as we had wrongly assumed earlier, she doesn’t go to Steve Rogers straightaway. She doesn’t hang out with him for 2 years. She has her own solo adventure as she has to involve her KGB family to stop running from her darker past, and maybe the government as well.

Who Among Natasha’s Family Will Betray Her

This brings her back in the same room with her old sister-figure Yelena Belova, who was also trained in the same Red Room program, Melina Vostokoff, who probably was the original Black Widow & Alexei Shostakoff aka Red Guardian, who was a father figure to her. Now that she reunites with her family, you do start to wonder that why does Natasha cut her ties with them again at the end of the movie?

The answer to this question could be a potential spoiler for the movie. So you’ve been warned.

General Ross

Well, there’s a major possibility of betrayal as far as Nat’s old family is concerned. All 3 members involved here are Russian spies. They could perhaps betray Nat for their country or their personal grudge. We recently tried to determine who’s the greatest suspect to turn out a villain in the film, and we deduced that it was Rachel Weisz’s Melina Vostokoff. So, betrayal becomes one reason.

Black Widow

The second reason is that 1 or 2 or all 3 of Nat’s old family members will actually end up dying or be put in prison. From the trailer, it seems that at least both Yelena Belova & Red Guardian will fight alongside Natasha. And there’s a major chance that both of these characters might end up dying in the movie. We don’t know about Red Guardian as he might be caught and put into prison, but there’s actually evidence that Yelena Belova might end up dying in the movie.

Black Widow Reunite With Steve Rogers

In the trailer, both Yelena Belova & Black Widow were wearing the new white suits. But with the white suit of Yelena Belova comes a connection to Natasha’s whole disguise in Avengers: Infinity War. Back when Infinity War came out, all of us thought that Natasha went Blonde to disguise her identity as she hangs out with Captain Nomad & Falcon. All 3 of them were fugitives so it was understandable. But, Natasha’s whole wardrobe along with the hair seemingly has a different meaning.

Why Natasha Goes

Yelena Belova seems to be wearing the same west on her white suit that Natasha was wearing in Infinity War. So it is possible that Natasha could have done all of this to embody the identity of Yelena Belova as a part of her disguise. Or she could actually be giving a tribute to her sister figure Yelena since she might end up dying in the Black Widow movie.

Reunite With Steve Rogers

So probably, she won’t have a reason left to be with her old family, that’s why she will return to reunite with Steve Rogers. He has always been a great friend to her and he’s the finest man she knows. But not just him, but the entire Avengers team was her family. The team included all the people that she could count on in her life. They make her want to be a better person, and that’s why she ended up sacrificing herself to save everyone.

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