Evidence for When Nick Fury Was Really Replaced by Talos Spotted

Evidence When Talos Replaced Nick Fury:

Spider-Man: Far From Home revealed a massive cliffhanger by the very end. As it turned out, Nick Fury was actually Talos and his wife Soren was Agent Hill. This came as a big surprise for everyone and we’re not even sure of what follows next. It is possible that Nick Fury will take up the persona of the Man on the Wall. But the question for now is, when did this swap happen? When did Talos take the place of Nick Fury?

Director Jon Watts claimed that this switch only happened after Endgame. But we’ve got new evidence which states that Nick Fury & Talos switched places back in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. According to a theory of Reddit’s r/FanTheories, here’s how the switch may’ve happened:

“Spider-Man: Far From Home says Fury was swapped out for Talos. When though?

Fury was swapped out with Talos when he almost died in Winter Soldier. Perfect opportunity. He didn’t do all that stuff with the special chemical to reduce his heart rate. He basically died. The Skrull have the technology to heal him, and they owed him one. So he was taken to space to heal. Talos has been serving ever since.

In Captain Marvel, Fury says if his toast is cut diagonally, he can’t eat it. In Age of Ultron, he is clearly seen eating diagonally cut toast. This isn’t Fury, it’s Talos. I guess you can say Fury just adjusted to diagonal toast within 20 years, but that seems strange. Law of conservation of detail; they wouldn’t give such a weird detail if it was never going to matter. So, it had to be sometime before Age of Ultron.”

The diagonal toast thing does make sense. But it is actually quite clear that Fury didn’t cut the toast diagonally. The argument we have here is that if Fury was swapped before Age of Ultron, and he has been on a space station ever since? Then why didn’t he deploy any resources to help with the Thanos situation? Perhaps it is possible that Talos & Fury have been switching back and forth ever since The Winter Soldier ended.

Infinity War Post Credits Scene Avengers: Endgame

The Fury we saw at the end of Infinity War was not the real one but the one who showed up at Tony’s funeral was the real one too. But the one in Age of Ultron might be Talos. Although, the one who showed up at the end of The Winter Soldier was definitely the real one, because why would Talos be standing on Fury’s grave and have such a real moment. Moreover, it Fury’s retinal data of his second eye. Talos probably couldn’t match that. It is very plausible that after Fury was attacked in The Winter Soldier and after Shield went down, Fury set up the whole space station thing with Talos. But all of it came into effect right after The Winter Soldier ended.

Spider-Man: Far From Home took place 8 months after Endgame. So we can be certain that the space station we saw came into the picture only after Endgame. Earth needed major protection from cosmic threats, that’s why Nick Fury swapped places with Talos. Fury has taken on the role of the Man on the Wall.

As comic nerds may know, Fury wasn’t the first Man in the Wall, but he has been portraying this role for quite a lot of time. Fury had to keep this side role of him as a secret with SHIELD and even the heroes as it needed him to protect Earth from cosmic threats at any cost. That only meant that he had to take hard decisions which may be less than heroic, and would most certainly be waivered by the kind-hearted heroes who’d never trade one life to save millions.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Nick Furry Marvel

During Marvel’s Original Sin event, written by Jason Aaron, Fury came clean about everything he has done as the Man on the Wall and here’s how he described his job:

“I’ve killed… More times than I can count. I’ve burned worlds. Destabilized galaxies. Dethroned gods. And I did it without any of them even knowing my name. That’s what it means to be the man on the wall. To be the invisible monster who keeps the other monsters at bay.”

Captain Marvel 2 Nick Fury

It’ll be interesting to see when Fury returns. Will it be in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Spider-Man 3 or will we have to wait until Captain Marvel 2? But it is safe to assume that Fury has a big future in the MCU.

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