All Past Clues Which Hinted At The Spider-Man Multiverse In No Way Home

There was a lot of hype for Spider-Man: No Way Home before its release and it saw a lot of theories floating around the project. Fans tried to create every possible detail that they could about the movie based on various leaks. There was a lot that the movie ended up spoiling based on these leaks. But the movie still ended up living up to the expectations of the fans with a lot of interesting surprises. Some of the details regarding the movie did end up getting out and getting spoiled for fans who were following up on the movie. A lot of details regarding the movie were leaked based on various factors considering the movie was actually a massive venture. Let’s take a look at all the possible hints of the past that indicate that Spider-Man: No Way Home dealt exclusively with the Spider-Man Multiverse.

Casting Details

Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon were obviously going to make a return in the third film of the series. But as with every superhero film, the biggest wonder about the project was definitely regarding the villain of the project. Fans were wondering if Mysterio had faked his death and if he was going to make a return in the final movie. But then there was the release of news regarding both Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina reprising their roles in the movie as Electro and Doc Ock. Their last appearance in these roles had made a significant impact on the fans of Spider-Man based on the past films. It was still not confirmed if the characters would be in continuation to their last appearance.


Loki Breaking The Sacred Timeline

Fans were already wondering about the multiverse when they got to see Evan Peters appear as Pietro Maximoff in WandaVision. The actor had played the role in the 20th Century Fox X-Men movies. But this later turned out to be a joke from the creators of the series. Loki was the series that introduced us to the concept of timelines and variants. Things went actually crazy when we got to see the concept of alternate timelines and multiple variants being explored. But the biggest event was surely when we saw the death of The One Who Remains leading to multiple breaks in the sacred timeline.


What If…?

Spider-Man Multiverse

This was the very first animated project that we got from the MCU and it absolutely made sense. We got to see a lot of narratives that exist all across the multiple timelines and the various variants of characters we had gotten used to. Uatu guided us through the multiverse and we got to see that there is a clear chance that we can have a variety of references to multiple projects other than MCU. It was announced that the characters we got to see here will be appearing in other MCU projects in the future. This narrative confirmed that there are endless opportunities for the multiverse to be explored in the future.


Alfred Molina Leaks Details

Alfred Molina revealed the details of his appearance in the movie by becoming the worst secret keeper regarding the project. In an interview with Variety, he said:

It was wonderful. It was very interesting going back after 17 years to play the same role, given that in the intervening years, I now have two chins, a wattle, crow’s feet and a slightly a slightly dodgy lower back.


Doctor Strange’s Role

Spider-Man Multiverse

Each and every Spider-Man movie from Tom Holland saw the character getting some other character as a mentor or as a help. Spider-Man: Homecoming saw Iron Man playing a major role in helping Peter out. Similarly, Far From Home had some influence from Tony Stark in his absence and even Nick Fury and Maria Hill who later turned out to be Skrulls. Including Doctor Strange in the movie made fans sure that this would see the character playing a similar mentor character in the movie. We knew that Doctor Strange was also getting his own project after that, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This made it clear that it will have something to do with No Way Home because of Strange being present in the movie.


Lizard’s Silhouette

With the confirmation that Doc Ock, Electro, and Green Goblin will be appearing in the movie, fans started wondering who else might end up appearing. There has been a lot of hype regarding when we will get to see the Sinister Six make the live-action debut and this was projected onto No Way Home. Fans started analyzing the trailer for every chance of getting to see other villains in the trailer. One particular moment from the trailer saw a hand attacking, Peter, from behind. Everyone started wondering if it was actually gonna be Lizard which actually ended up being absolutely right.


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