5 Marvel Characters Who Got Laid With The Aliens

Marvel’s comics have always considered the life beyond earth, also Marvel has not left untouched the relation of earthlings beyond earth. Mentioned below are 5 such steaming unions:

Nova and Gamora’s

In annihilation#1 Gamora and Nova were seen undressed various times, which gives us a clue of their first sexual encounter. Gamora and Richard Rider came close while Annihilation wave. Though Nova has spent most of his time in space he remains an Earthling when he had a sexual relationship with the most dangerous women- Gamora, he had sex with an alien!

Thanos and Death’s

Knowing there is an emotional side to Thanos – the destroyer of the world is in itself a little bizarre to imagine but once you are done with this first step, it isn’t difficult to guess who Mad Titan’s love interest would be. Being the destroyer of the worlds his attraction was towards the personification of death. After multiple advances made by Thanos, Death finally gave into his love and they gave birth to a son named Rob.

Vision and Mantis’

While Mantis’ love for Swordman was being overpowered by her attraction towards Vision, Her attempts became very evident but all her advances were in as vein as Vision would reject them all. The twist began when five years later Vision separated from Scarlet Witch and Mantis gives one more try to lure him and flourishes. Mantis finally tangled vision into her antennas?

Star Lord and A Number Of Chicks


Star Lord’s charm has lured everyone he ever wanted in his bed. Peter Quill’s character never turns down any demands for one night stands as depicted in ‘ guardians of galaxy’. His adventures are such that we have forgotten the count of alien species Star Lord has slept with.

Iron Man and Gamora

Tony can be the only one in the Marvel Universe to sleep with the most dangerous woman in the galaxy. Gamora, who wasn’t that popular earlier was on top of Tony’s bucket list, but after they went on to have sex. The only thing he could say about how his experience was, “Ow”.

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