Here’s Another Superhero Team Franchise Which Might Join MCU

Since the introduction of MCU, Marvel heroes have been successfully headlining movies or joined together to form super teams for the big screen. The high success rate of MCU has factored in Marvel Studios as a force to be reckoned with. That Midas touch has given the once popular character Spider-Man a new life, after his fledging last few films for Sony. The partnership has been ground-breaking and has opened new doors for the once exclusive studio system.

Will This Famous Four-some Be The Next Team To Join Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Fans have been hoping that the same successful team-up between MCU and Marvel characters would happen for other heroes as well. The next team that’s on every fan’s wishlist…the Fantastic Four. The famous team has been a property of Fox for the longest time, but the studio has yet to produce a film with the Four that is satisfactory to fans’expectations. Will Marvel and Fox be collaborating anytime soon?Here’s what Kevin Feige, president of Marvel has to say:

“No, but I would say there’s not like there’s anything frozen that there needs to be a thaw. There’s no weirdness. It is just very very cut and dry, and they’re doing their thing, and they’re doing it quite well in most regards, and we’re doing our thing.”


Fox has not given up yet on the team (just like they haven’t given up on The X-Men). Last February, producer Simon Kinberg said that one of the lessons the studio learned from the reboot of Fantastic Four was that they needed to make sure the next Fantastic Four movie is “100% right” before moving forward since they would “not get another chance with the fans.”Fox had garnered a lot of hate and negativity for the weak reboot of the film, many commenting on the waste of talent for the weak storyline. Since they seem hopeful, fans should not lose any either. This is the studio that released Deadpool and Logan after all, and those films were better than many MCU releases.

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