Netflix Releases Official Trailer of Mowgli, Announces Release Date

There are many Mowgli fans out there and they’re going to get thrilled by the news that they’re going to get the Mowgli movie on Netflix very early than their expectations as in the new trailer, a lot of things from the movie and about the movie has been revealed also there has been a major change in the release date of the movie on Netflix.

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Mowgli Netflix

The movie is going to be directed by Andy Serkis and there were a lot of fans out there who were amazed by this decision and also got very excited with the voice-over team of the movie as Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch, Naomie Harris, and Serkis will be giving voices to the characters.

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Mowgli Netflix

But, there are also many great actors in the movie like Rohan Chand, Matthew Rhys, and Freida Pinto. The story of the movie is written by Callie Kloves.

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Mowgli Netflix

The new trailer seems absolutely fantastic as a lot of new details about the movie have been revealed in this, also the fans will get really excited to see the take of Serkis in this film and will be able to know the kind of film he wanted to make and indeed made it a movie different from all those Mowgli movies till now.

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Mowgli Netflix

Also, the CGI used in the movie is quite phenomenal and it seems like Netflix is stepping up their game in the market. The trailer is right below and you can have a look at it here:

The name of the movie decided by the makers at Netflix is ‘Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle’. According to the previous reports, the release date of the movie was December 7, 2018, but in order to gain the maximum market out there, they’ve decided to change the idea and are now going for November 29, on which they’re giving way to their limited theatrical release in New York, Los Angeles, San Franciso, and London before the release of the movie on the streaming service on the December 7.

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Mowgli Netflix

We all know that Netflix bought the rights of the film from Warner Bros. and in the trailer, we can see that they are inspired and motivated in order to show one of the most famous characters of all-time in a completely different manner.

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Mowgli Netflix

The appointment of Andy Serkis, clearly tells us about the approach they’re going for as the director, Serkis talked about the movie while being in Singapore where he revealed to Variety that,

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Mowgli Netflix

I wanted to make an emotional version of this story, which has already been told many times, I wanted to explore being an outsider. Being dislodged, being other. It is a hugely contemporary idea that could do with exploration.

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Mowgli Netflix

It would’ve been Warner Bros. instead of Netflix but because of too many delays in the project, Warner Bros. thought that handing over the rights of Mowgli to Netflix is going to be a right decision and it was indeed, as the hype is really high and fans who were waiting to see the Mowgli on the big-screen again will now be able to see him sooner than before after the new release date.

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Mowgli Netflix

Also, there were a lot of talks about the direction of Serkis and in order to clarify things Serkis talked with Deadline and cleared all the acquisitions and claims by stating,

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Mowgli Netflix

I’m really excited about Netflix for Mowgli, Now, we avoid comparisons to the other movie and it’s a relief not to have the pressure. I’ve seen the 3D version, and it’s exceptional, a different view from the 2D version, really lush and with great depth, and there will be some kind of theatrical component for that. What excites me most is the forward thinking at Netflix in how to present this, and the message of the movie.”

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Mowgli Netflix

“They understand this is a darker telling that doesn’t fit it into a four quadrant slot. It’s really not meant for young kids, though I think it’s possible that 10 or above can watch it. It was always meant to be PG-13, and this allows us to go deeper, with darker themes, to be scary and frightening in moments. The violence between animals is not gratuitous, but it’s definitely there. This way of going allows us to get the film out without compromise.

So, are you excited for the movie and what are your expectations from the movie? Tell us in the comments below.

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