Loki Theory: The Main Villain Might Be Another Variant of Loki

The trailer of Loki unveiled the star of the show that is another “variant” of Loki. This means that we’d see multiple Variants of the God of Mischief, and a different variant might be the villain. As seen in the trailer, Loki is taken by the Time Variance Authority. It is an organization responsible to maintain the regular flow of time. The existence of this Variant (L1130) has created some major issues for them. It seems that Loki would be taken on missions to fix the broken timelines but he is not willing to cooperate.

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The TVA’s supervision cannot be seen in a few scenes. The trailer points to a variety of settings, starting from Asgard to a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Loki would get around a lot in several timelines. But still, it is not clear whether he would be fixing or breaking them. The other variants of Loki might be set loose on the timeline but he is definitely one of various Loki variants.

If he is not responsible for the problems developed in TVA, then the villain of the series could be a different Loki. The main looming threat for Loki could be himself. The major details of the plot and characters of the series are a mystery. But it is clear that Loki is now a big problem for the multiverse. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is on the way and the problems will only increase during Loki’s adventures through the Multiverse. But he might not be the one responsible for the worst.

1. Loki broke the flow of time in Avengers: Endgame

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The Avengers traveled back in time for bringing back the vanished people after Thanos’ snap. During this, they unleashed Loki on the timeline. Loki got his hands on the Tesseract and escaped. The timekeepers had to pick up the pieces when Loki escaped as he had changed the timeline.

If the story of Loki diverged after The Avengers, the ensuing events of the MCU would change with a domino effect. This one fateful mistake made multiple branches in the flow of time.

2. Loki’s trailer shows that his variants exist

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When Loki is taken out of TVA in the trailer, he is given a jacket named “VARIANT.” This confirms that he is a divergence from Loki’s previous timeline. This means that the timeline has separated from the main MCU and has there are Lokis experiencing different events after The Avengers.

The trailer shows that Endgame made various branching timelines. The Loki created in this timeline might not be the only variant. The changes from time travel or the future of Loki meddling might create more alternate Lokis. One version of Loki may have a penchant for mischief. But the other variant might have some other plans for the timeline or the multiverse.

3. The hooded secret character from Loki

Loki’s trailer has unveiled various characters like Mobius M. Mobius, Ravonna Renslayer, and one that remains in the shadows. A hooded figure has been spotted in both trailers. This figure seems to be causing all the chaos in the show.

Whoever he or she is could be the source of the upcoming storm that would wreck TVA and pose a threat to the multiverse. The common theory, for now, is that the hooded figure might be Lady Loki, which is a female guise of Loki in the comics. Some fans are of the opinion that this can be Fantastic Four’s archenemy, Doctor Doom, or an agent of Mephisto. The identity of the character has been kept secret for a reason as it sets up a big reveal in the show. But I believe that the hooded figure is another Loki variant from a different timeline.

4. Theory: The secret villain is another Loki

Loki is the worst enemy for himself. But here the conflict might be more literal, increasing the problem created by Loki in the multiverse. If one variant can cause so many branches in the timeline, multiple variants can actually break the multiverse in irreparable ways. This can happen if “Multiverse of Madness” is the plan that the other Loki variant has in mind.

We have seen in the comics that there are multiple versions of Loki. Each of them has their own winding histories of Loki changing forms and remaking himself. He fought with King Loki in Loki: Agent of Asgard. This was his future self who wished to destroy his redemption of ensuring his future of destruction.

The series can lead to a similar battle. Two variants of Loki from different timelines, who would fight each other and try to succeed in their plans. The trailer has revealed many secrets. But it has not revealed the identity of the antagonist. Loki’s signature style is always apparent even in other forms. Because of the multiple breaks in the timeline, we cannot tell how many Loki variants can be in play working against TVA’s law and order. But I’d like to end my theory with the notion that this hooded figure is none other than Sophia Di Martino’s Lady Loki, who comes from a different timeline.

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