Avengers: Endgame Originally Didn’t Kill the Strongest Avenger in Infinity War

Endgame Didn’t Kill the Strongest Avenger in Infinity War:

Talks about Avengers: Endgame isn’t done yet as the writers are back to talk a bit more about the last two Avengers movies. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were recently interviewed by CinemaBlend and they revealed a character who they didn’t originally kill off with Thanos’ Snap. Most of us know who this character is as the writers have also talked about her previously. But now, they’ve revealed a few new key details of what she would have done if she survived the Snap.

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Endgame Didn’t Kill the Strongest Avenger in Infinity War

In Endgame, most of the characters that survived were emotionally broken down because the ones close to them died in Avengers: Infinity War. Bucky & Sam died, and that pissed Captain America. Spider-Man’s disintegration was very heavy for Tony Stark. The death of Gamora & the Guardians was heavy for Rocket & Nebula. Nick Fury was close to Carol, so she also had an emotional involvement. Loki was killed off and Thor couldn’t prevent the snap, so he felt himself to be a big failure. Ant-Man lost the Wasp. Another character who would have had to deal with the guilt of losing someone was Wanda. Yes, she originally survived the snap.

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Endgame Didn’t Kill the Strongest Avenger in Infinity War

There was an alternate version of Endgame where Wanda would have to deal with the death of Vision at the hands of Thanos. But the writers couldn’t really do justice with her by fitting her into the story, and that’s why the decision for Wanda to disappear was taken. Here’s what the co-writer Christopher Markus told Cinemablend:

“We had a moment where [Scarlet Witch] looked at his [Vision] body in a drawer, and it was mainly just maudlin. It was also frankly from a draft where she hadn’t been blipped. Because we had a draft where she survived and was a character in Endgame. The problem was she’d gotten so much mileage and story in the first movie that she didn’t really have anything that equaled that in the second. So it was a step down.”

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Endgame Didn’t Kill the Strongest Avenger in Infinity War

Back in July during SDCC, the writers revealed that Wanda would have survived and she would have taken a trip from the Triskellion to the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York. Here’s what Markus had to say:

“There weren’t terribly outrageous [plot lines], there were a lot more boring ones. You can go to the Triskellion; it’s a building. There was an iteration where Wanda was alive, she hadn’t been blipped. Wanda and Rocket drove a car from the Triskellion to Doctor Strange’s house, then used the doorway to go to Kamar Taj and get [the Stone]. It was like, ‘Really? We’re putting in a cross, inter-state car journey in this fast-paced action movie?’ And then wiser heads prevailed.”

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Endgame Didn’t Kill the Strongest Avenger in Infinity War

Well, Wanda will definitely get to grieve Vision’s death in the upcoming series WandaVision. This death would still be heavy for her because it was very recent for her. The entire plot of the series & perhaps even the Doctor Strange sequel will revolve around the fact that Wanda won’t be able to hold her powers due to the loss she has suffered till now.

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Endgame Didn’t Kill the Strongest Avenger in Infinity War

It is good that Wanda didn’t survive in Infinity War and the writers left her grief to be explored later in the MCU. They revealed that all the survivors were picked around Captain America & Iron Man. Markus told The New York Times:

“We knew we wanted to see Cap and Tony dealing with the aftermath so that you could really see them suffer, quite frankly. And that’s why Cap and Natasha are relatively minimal in the first movie, because all they’d be doing is punching. We knew that they had a lot of story in the second movie, and there were other people who would have much more story in the first movie, like the Guardians.”

WandaVision will be a very interesting and unique entry in the MCU because rumors have stated that the show will partly take place in the 50s.

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