10 Superhero Movie Projects Reportedly Under Development For Sony’s Marvel Universe

Superhero Movie Projects Under Development For Sony’s Marvel:

With Sony deciding to take back what is technically its own property, Marvel will now have to move forward with a Marvel Cinematic Universe that does not have a Spider-man anymore. Does it mean we have seen the last of the wall-crawler and his pals in the silver screen? Absolutely not!! Spider-man has not died. Property rights have only moved from one place to another. Sony has already started works on several projects that were put under the bus nut as of now have been revived. Venom is not going to be the only superhero in town now that a lot of other folks might be coming in as well. And a plethora of news related to projects that are reportedly under development has already surfaced throughout the internet.

 1. Black Cat

Superhero Movie Projects Under Development For Sony’s Marvel

Not long ago, it was heard that Black Cat, a classic Spider-man villain, and temptress was going to have a feature-length live-action adaptation in her name under the Sony brand. The movie would be titled Silver and Black and would have featured Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat and Silver Sable, the famous royal mercenary from Europe. But that plan stands canceled as of now. But Black Cat is still coming into the fold. Christopher Yost and Gina Prince-Bythewood are now names commonly associated with the project. Yost is an accomplished comic book writer while Prince-Bythewood would join in as a producer in the movie. The screenplay has several important and famous celebrities from movies like Godzilla vs. Kong, and Captain Marvel contributing.

 2. Venom 2

Superhero Movie Projects Under Development For Sony’s Marvel

Does it even surprise us anymore? We can see not just Venom 2 but Venom 3, 4, 5 and 6 on the horizon. The first Venom movie defied all expectations and went on to become a global hit, grossing more than 800 Million USD worldwide. Venom 2 will see Tom Hardy return as Eddie Brock and take on a villain that is all too familiar to the Venom symbiote. Cletus Kasady, played by Woody Harrelson, first appeared in the post-credits scene of Venom. Venom 2 is going to pit Eddie Brock’s Venom against Cletus Kasady’s Carnage symbiote. It is going to be worthy to watch and explore how Venom 2 turns out.

 3. The Sinister Six

Superhero Movie Projects Under Development For Sony’s Marvel

The Sinister Six was actually in the pipeline for Spider-man after The Amazing Spider-man 2 was released. Andrew Garfield was supposedly going to reprise his role as the friendly neighborhood superhero. But the deal with Disney and the leasing off of Spider-man’s movie rights to Marvel Studios screwed up his career as a superhero. Garfield’s dreams of playing the character again for the third time, this time fighting not one but six different and powerful supervillains, came crashing down. Director Sam Raimi, the Director of the Original Spider-man trilogy, also had plans to bring the Sinister Six into the theatres. That also was not a success. Maybe Sony just might be able to bring back the Sinister Six to the theatres for sure this time.

 4. Jackpot

Superhero Movie Projects Under Development For Sony’s Marvel

This is one superhero we bet most of you have not have heard of. Jackpot is actually the superhero aliases of not one but two characters. Sara Ehret and Alana Jobson have both been called Jackpot in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. The first Jackpot was Sara Ehret and all she had for special abilities was super strength. That does not sound interesting for a superhero character. But Alana Jobson’s skill-set might be more intriguing. She not only has super strength but invulnerability, superhuman stamina, inhuman durability, acrobatic skills and close quarter combat proficiency. Sony is searching for a writer to pen the script for a possible Jackpot movie. We hope they find one in time.

 5. Nightwatch

Superhero Movie Projects Under Development For Sony’s Marvel

The story of Nightwatch is very interesting. He actually became a superhero through a time paradox. After a future version of himself died stopping some terrorists, Doctor Kevin Trench discovered the Nightwatch suit which he stole from the dead body and buried it in a secluded place, reasoning that if he never wears the suit, he will never die in the first place. He could never avoid his true destiny as a superhero and donned the suit in the hour of need. Nightwatch was actually a project that Sony had planned since 2007. They had even bought in Edward Ricourt, one of the writers, for Now, You See Me, to pen the storyline. Spike Lee was all set to direct the movie. But it all broke apart in the last second. It is good to see that Kevin Trench is getting a second chance at stardom as Nightwatch.

 6. Silver Sable

Superhero Movie Projects Under Development For Sony’s Marvel

Silver Sable is a known mercenary and the leader of the Wild Pack, a group of highly trained gun for hire. Her company, which organizes assassination missions worldwide, is called Silver Sable International and is the sole earner of bread and butter that drives the national economy of the European Country of Symkaria. As mentioned earlier, there were plans for a duo movie with both Black Cat and Silver Sable as lead characters in Silver and Black. But that movie has been scrapped and the two superheroes are about to get their solo productions! Gina Prince-Bythewood is going to become the producer of Black Cat while Silver Sable is yet to get a single name added on to its cast and crew list.

 7. Morbius the Living Vampire

Superhero Movie Projects Under Development For Sony’s Marvel

While the movie is currently under production, there are a lot of variables we still do not have enough data to put what goes where in this project. Morbius the Living Vampire will be the story of the vampire foe of Spider-man. A popular villain from Spider-man lore, Morbius will be played by none other than the talented Jared Leto. Shooting is going on for this project as we speak. Morbius is by far Sony’s most ambitious project since it will be about a character that virtually no casual moviegoer has any idea about. If this clicks, Morbius could do for Sony’s Marvel Universe what Iron Man did for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

 8. Silk

Superhero Movie Projects Under Development For Sony’s Marvel

Believe it or not, Silk actually exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tiffany Espensen played Cindy Moon in Spider-man: Far From Home. Silk is actually her superhero codename. Silk is one of the three characters, the other two being Spider-Gwen and Spider-Woman, who will feature in the animated feature-length movie Spider-Women, the spinoff of Spider-man: Into the Spider Verse. Sony Pictures is actually in search of a writer who could pen the story arc for the movie. Silk has all the powers of Spider-man. But the additional skill she has is a more accurate and longer ranged Spider Sense and a truly photographic sense of memory.

 9. Kraven the Hunter

Superhero Movie Projects Under Development For Sony’s Marvel

Kraven is a classic Spider-man villain whose only aim in life is to hunt exotic, powerful species. His goal now is to hunt the most elusive prey of all – the human spider aka Spider-man. According to some sources, the acclaimed “The Last Hunt” storyline will be used to pen a Kraven movie. The storyline will reveal how Kraven prepares to catch his prey from the villain’s perspective, making it impossible for the fans to predict what he will do next. That is what made Infinity War so amazing. They are using the same formula again in Kraven.

 10. Spider-Man 3

Superhero Movie Projects Under Development For Sony’s Marvel

Disney literally gave Sony a golden egg-laying duck when the former was forced to give up the rights to Spider-man to the latter. We are not saying Disney is not at fault for this. Suits at either side became too greedy for their own good and as a result, a universe lay shattered in the aftermath. Spider-man 3 will see the return of Tom Holland as Peter Parker. But the movie will not be related to the MCU in any way. Instead, it will feature characters from Sony’s Spider-Verse like Venom, Kraven, Black Cat and the Sinister Six. We are not sure how well it might work but Sony has proved us wrong before with Venom. They can surely pull off this one if they play their cards well.

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