10 Amazing Facts About MCU’s Answer to Batman – Moon Knight

Facts About Moon Knight:

Moon Knight is one of the most exciting and complex characters in the Marvel universe. Although he is not very popular, he still has a very committed fanbase, who along with the rest of us are super excited about his upcoming MCU Disney+ series named “Moon Knight

#1: Creation and Debut

Facts About Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a vigilante anti-hero created back in 1975. He was created by the writer Doug Moench and artist Don Perlin, and he first appeared in the Marvel universe in the comic book “Werewolf By Night #32” in August 1975. Fans have often questioned the inspiration behind this character as he bears several similarities with a certain caped crusader in the DC universe.

#2: Origin and History

Facts About Moon Knight

Marc Spector (Moon Knight) was born in Chicago, Illinois and he was a US Marine. Working for the African Mercenary Raoul Bushman in Egypt, Marc and his team discovered an ancient temple. Marc was ultimately betrayed by Bushman and he was left there to die helpless before the ancient statue of the Egyptian God Khonshu. So, Khonshu gave Marc a second chance at life by making him his avatar on Earth, and that is how Marc became Moon Knight.

#3: He has many skills and Abilities

Facts About Moon Knight

Moon Knight has several abilities and skills which make him very dangerous. He’s an expert in techniques such as Boxing, Kung Fu, Eskrima, Judo, Karate, Ninjutsu, Savate and Muay Thai. He’s an Olympic level athlete and a skilled acrobat and gymnast. He had all these skills before he became Moon Knight which granted him several supernatural abilities as well.

#4: He does not play well with other heroes

Facts About Moon Knight

Moon Knight likes to do things his own way and due to that fact, he has had several altercations with other superheroes. Heroes like Captain America and Punisher have warned him on several occasions for his violent behaviour. Iron Man even investigated his activities by placing him under close surveillance.

#5: He has Multiple Personality Disorder

Facts About Moon Knight

Moon Knight is clinically insane and he has multiple personality disorder. Marc Spector went through a lot of emotional and physical trauma during his life and on top of that, an ancient Egyptian God made him his puppet. All this pain led to him developing multiple personalities. To date, Moon Knight has displayed a total of 10 (confirmed) different personalities.

#6: He carves his symbol into the foreheads of criminals

Facts About Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a very hardcore hero and he does not holds back at all. Moon Knight likes to carve his crescent moon symbol into the foreheads of the people who are guilty of violent crimes. Acts like these did not help his reputation with other superheroes but it did help him put the fear of God in other criminals.

#7: Moon Knight was branded as a Batman Rip-off

Facts About Moon Knight

Soon after Moon Knight made his Marvel debut, he was instantly regarded as a rip-off of Batman as they share of a lot of similarities. Rich guys in long underwear and capes, with lots of expensive gadgets and with a ton of past trauma. Although there are some differences in their origin, and over the years both the characters have grown on a different route.

#8: He gains power from the Moon

Facts About Moon Knight

Moon Knight has a unique skill that no one else possesses. His strength, endurance, and reflexes are depended upon the phases of the moon. The fuller the moon, the more strength Moon Knight derives from it; even during a new moon, he can lift several hundred pounds. But he lost this power when Khonshu decided to take it back to punish him for his disobedience.

#9: He does not believe in stealth.

Facts About Moon Knight

Moon Knight, unlike his DC counterpart, Batman, likes to wear White and the reasoning behind that is badass. He likes to wear White as he does not believe in the concept of stealth and he wants his enemies to see him coming as he likes to see the fear in their eyes when he arrives.

#10: He has an Arsenal of Hi-tech Gadgets

Facts About Moon Knight

Moon Knight’s silver-white costume is made of Adamantium, and he has an adamantium staff which he uses to subdue his enemies. For transportation, he employs a variety of sophisticated aircrafts, including the Mooncopter (he is not good at naming things). Apart from these he also has a lot of other deadly gadgets.

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