10 Fun Facts About The Ageless And Talented Jennifer Lopez

Facts About Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez is a world-class Singer, Dancer, Actress, Designer, Businesswoman, and Philanthropist. How one person can manage so many professions with such ease is beyond us and as we are nowhere near as talented as JLo, we’ll never know the answer to the question. We can just admire and enjoy the show.

#1: She was arrested in connection with a nightclub shooting

Facts About Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and her then-boyfriend Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs were arrested in connection with a Nightclub shooting back in December 1999. They got in trouble when Police found them with a stolen gun. The charges against Lopez were dropped, but the charges against Combs stayed. Diddy was eventually tried and acquitted.

#2: Her mother won a Jackpot

Facts About Jennifer Lopez

It seems as if the Lopez family is blessed by God himself as Jennifer Lopez’s mother once won a $2.4 million Jackpot at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey back in April 2004. Jennifer Lopez is one of the highest-earning celebrities in the industry but God wanted to give her more.

#3: Her guests didn’t know they were going to her wedding

Facts About Jennifer Lopez

On June 5, 2004, Jennifer Lopez’s close friends and her extended family received a great surprise. She invited all of them to an “Afternoon Party”. None of them knew what they were walking into, as it turns out, the invitation was not for a party but Lopez’s wedding with Marc Anthony.

#4: PETA hates her as well

Facts About Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez had to go through a lot of trouble after launching her fashion line “Sweetface” as the clothes were made from fur. Members of PETA protested against her strongly and they even stormed her office in New York to confront her but unfortunately, Lopez was not present at the moment. They even left a DVD for Lopez which showed how brutally animals are murdered for their fur.

#5: She wanted to be a lawyer

Jennifer Lopez was not born in a wealthy family, she had to work very hard to achieve success. When she was growing up, she dreamed about being a lawyer and she even worked in a law office before making it big as an artist. It’s a good thing she did not become a lawyer as people would have committed crimes just to get her as their lawyer.

#6: Her rear end is insured for $27 million

Facts About Jennifer Lopez

People insure all sorts of things but have you ever wondered about getting your bum insured? Well, Jennifer Lopez did think about that, as her rear end is insured for a whopping $27 million. It makes sense, as she is one of the most beautiful artists in the world and after looking at her, even $27 million looks like an insignificant amount.

#7: She is a proper Businesswoman in every sense

When Jennifer Lopez gave birth to her twins, fans went crazy along with the media houses, who were dying to publish the pictures of her new-born babies. Lopez realized the opportunity and cashed in on it. Her twins made it to the cover of People Magazine when they were a month old and in return, she got $6 million.

#8: Reason behind her nickname “La Guitarra”

Facts About Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is so talented that even her body is shaped like an instrument. Jennifer Lopez is also famously known as La Guitarra, which translates to ‘a Guitar’ in English. The reason behind it is peculiar. She is called La Guitarra because her body is curved just like a guitar.

#9: Meaning behind the name of her first album

Jennifer Lopez has mentioned that her first studio album “On the 6” is very special to her and the reason that she named it On the 6 was that it had a special meaning to her. When Jennifer was a college student, she used to travel on the NY 6 train for her dance auditions. So, to honor that time, she named her first album On the 6.

#10: She has a very unique record to her name

Facts About Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a super talented singer as well as an actor. She proved this by creating a very unique record. She is the first person in the history of the industry who has managed to take her music album and movie to the top all at the same time. Her second studio album JLo and her movie The Wedding Planner peaked on the charts and box office respectively.

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