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  • CelebsCouples Called Off Their Weddings

    10 Famous Celebrity Couples Who Called Off Their Weddings Last Minute

    It is difficult to keep track of celebrity relationships. Where rings and engagements are involved, so are heartbreaks. Only in this case, heartbreaks are on public display along with the shining diamonds. Here is a list of 10 Famous Celebrity Couples Who Called Off Their Wedding Last Minute (Some of these break-ups are almost scandalous!).  Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck…

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  • CelebsStars Dated The Most Celebs

    10 Hollywood Stars Who Dated The Most Celebs Ever

    Some celebrities are famous for more than one thing. Their talents may have skyrocketed their career but it’s the scandalous details that pop their names on the tabloids every day. Being popular means putting your private life on display whether you like it or not and be followed, watched, and scrutinized 24 hours. This has enabled the fans to witness…

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  • HollywoodBiggest Celebrity Fights From the 2000s

    10 Biggest Celebrity Fights From The 2000s We Will Never Forget

    Hollywood has seen new seasons and trends arrive and leave over the years. One such period was the 2000s that saw the rise of many celebs that may not be on the top anymore. However, their juicy gossips and scandals will stay with Hollywood forever. In fact, the 2000s has witnessed some of the hottest feuds between big-time personalities. Celebrity…

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  • CelebsFacts About Jennifer Lopez

    10 Fun Facts About The Ageless And Talented Jennifer Lopez

    Facts About Jennifer Lopez: Jennifer Lopez is a world-class Singer, Dancer, Actress, Designer, Businesswoman, and Philanthropist. How one person can manage so many professions with such ease is beyond us and as we are nowhere near as talented as JLo, we’ll never know the answer to the question. We can just admire and enjoy the show. #1: She was arrested…

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