10 X-Men Villains That Need to Appear in The MCU ASAP

X-Men Villains That Need to Appear in The MCU:

With the Disney-Fox merger allowing for the X-Men and the rest of mutant-kind to be a part of the world’s most profitable movie franchise, new opportunities are opening up for the biggest superhuman community of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. But with every light comes a shadow. The X-Men have had their fair share of immensely powerful and unique super villains over the years. And what is astounding is that many of them did not even have the chance of featuring in a movie. But the future is an open road with Disney over their head.

 1. Mister Sinister

X-Men Villains MCU

Mister Sinister is the definition of “mad scientist discovers key to superpowers”. Mister Sinister’s obsession with exploiting and learning more about the X-Gene – the mutant strand of DNA that gives all the mutants their powers, is the reason for a lot of woes and worries for a lot of superheroes. Why we are even more excited about the introduction of Mister Sinister is the fact that the guy is a known evil genetics engineer. So he could be used as the scapegoat to introduce the mutant gene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

 2. Proteus

X-Men Villains MCU

Proteus is the son of Moira MacTaggert, one of the greatest allies of the X-Men team. Moira’s son was also born with the activated mutant X-Gene in him. His powers forced him to feed in the energy of living creatures. The only way Moira had managed to keep him alive was by keeping him locked up in a cell where he was constantly injected with huge amounts of energy. When a fight between the X-Men and Magneto broke his cell, he started creating chaos, jumping from one body to another. His powers also allowed him to change reality at will. He would be a good villain to explore the twisted, mass murdering mutant serial killers that roam around in the Marvel Comic Book Universe a lot.

 3. Cassandra Nova

X-Men Villains MCU

Cassandra nova is actually the unborn sister of Charles Xavier. When both were in the womb, Cassandra tried to take over Charles’ body but failed. Now living as a Mummudrai – beings born in the astral plane, Cassandra soon learnt how to create an entire body from scratch. She also has the same level of telepathic proficiency as Charles Xavier. Apart from that, she also possesses the powers of astral projection and the ability to shape-shift. Cassandra is the only mutant other than Scarlet Witch to have wiped out the entire mutant population in a day. She was the one who ordered the entire Sentinel Army to attack Genosha – the mutant nation that houses more than 16 Million Mutants. No one survived.

 4. Vulcan

X-Men Villains MCU

Vulcan is the youngest and the most powerful sibling of the Summers brothers, the other two being Cyclops and Havoc. While the Summers family is known to be very adept at energy manipulation, Vulcan Summers is the King of the Hill within the trio. He can not only fire energy but also absorb it. He uses the energy he absorbed to not only increase his physical attributes and fire concussive blasts of energy but also to fly and dampen the power levels of other mutants in his vicinity. Vulcan is also the ruler of the Shi’ar Empire. He once went through a rampage and killed a lot of the X-Men after he found out that he was part of a secret second team of X-Men that was abandoned by Professor X himself.

 5. Stryfe

X-Men Villains MCU

Stryfe is the clone of Nathan Summers, the mutant mercenary popularly known as Cable. When Cable let his guard down, Askani managed to steal some of his DNA and used it to create an exact biological replica of him. That Clone soon came under the care of Apocalypse, who intended to use the body as a replacement in the future. But when he found out that the body is actually of a clone, Apocalypse bailed on him. Unable to cope up with the loss of his adoptive parent, Stryfe was born. All his life, Stryfe has had one goal – to make the life of Cable, who had everything he never did, a living hell. Unlike Cable, whose powers are severely reduced due to having to fight the Techno-Organic Virus in his body on a daily basis, Stryfe has full access to his telekinetic and telepathic powers and has proficiency in operating advanced technology.

 6. Omega Red

X-Men Villains MCU

The Soviets also tried to create their Super Soldier. They tried to replicate a similar process that the Weapons Plus Program had just mastered – the same program the created the Wolverine. Using Carbonadium, a metal that is as strong as Adamantium if not stronger, they used a Russian Criminal as their test subject, conducting heinous body enhancements experiments on him. The result was – Omega Red. Omega red is what Sabretooth would have looked like if he had decided to use a lot of red instead of yellow and had prehensile coils wrapped around his wrist. Omega Red’s greatest ability – produces spores of pheromone toxins called Death Spores. His Death Spore anility also allows him to negate Wolverine’s healing factor.

 7. Mastermind

X-Men Villains MCU

Mastermind’s real name is Jason Wyngarde, a small town lackey that never amounted to much in life. Siding with Magneto was a seriously wrong choice Wyngarde made in his life, which he rectified when he joined the Hellfire Club. Soon becoming one of the most coveted members of the Hellfire Club, Wyngarde succeeded in what the rest of the Inner circle of the Hellfire Club had failed to – recruit one of the X-Men to act as their double agent. The fact that Wyngarde convinced Jean Grey, herself a telepath, that he was her love and both of them were living in Victorian Era England is praiseworthy. Wyngarde’s super villain career has never looked down ever since. He is a master illusionist that can use his psychic powers to play cryptic mind games on anyone.

 8. Bastion

X-Men Villains MCU

Bastion is the epitome of Sentinel technology. He is an artificial construct that signifies all the hatred humanity holds for the mutant population and he will stop at nothing until mutant kind is destroyed. Bastion’s dangerous skill set of powers include the ability to open time portals to summon more Sentinels form the future, control all Sentinels via telepathic link, and transform humans into Prime Sentinels. He is also extremely strong, durable and smart. The X-Men have never really managed to bring this guy down. Every time Bastion enters the battle-field, the X-Men try to push him back enough so that they can retreat, recoup, and call it a day.

 9. Mojo

X-Men Villains MCU

Mojo is the ruler of the Mojoverse – an alternate universe that survives on a weird multi universal reality TV based on the adventures of Marvel Comics Superheroes. When Mojo’s greatest stunt performer Longshot, escaped the Mojoverse and entered mainstream Marvel Continuity, Mojo chased him through and discovered the mutants and their incredible entertainment value. He has since tried to capture the X-Men and turn them into show-pieces for his reality show. Up until now, he has never managed to succeed.

 10. Mad Jim Jaspers

X-Men Villains MCUMaybe he is not a typical X-Men villain. Jim Jaspers has always been a part of the Rogues’ Gallery of Captain Britain. But he has been a part of the Hellfire Club and he is actually a mutant, so he counts as a mutant super villain. Jim Jaspers has the ability to warp reality. But his power levels are very high. The weakest version of Jim Japsers was the Earth – 238 version, and that guy had managed to warp his universe’s timeline to such an extent that it was forcibly destroyed lest the entire Multi-Verse would have been screwed up. The strongest version of Jim Jaspers, the one from Earth – 616, could change the fabrics of reality of multiple universes simultaneously and he had no limit to his powers since they grew exponentially by the second. Mad Jim Jaspers hatred of superheroes would complement well with the MCU, which has grown quite a number of superheroes roaming around in the streets of Marvel movies.

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