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    Thor: Love And Thunder Will Involve X-Men Villains

    Thor Love And Thunder Involve X-Men Villains: Taika Waitit recently revealed quite a few new details about Thor: Love And Thunder as he conducted his Instagram Live session. These details prove why Thor 4 is certainly the most exciting movie of Phase 4 and it’s a bit saddening that the movie has now been delayed by 3.5 months. We got…

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    10 X-Men Villains That Need to Appear in The MCU ASAP

    X-Men Villains That Need to Appear in The MCU: With the Disney-Fox merger allowing for the X-Men and the rest of mutant-kind to be a part of the world’s most profitable movie franchise, new opportunities are opening up for the biggest superhuman community of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. But with every light comes a shadow. The X-Men have had…

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    15 Best X-Men Villains For The Marvel Cinematic Universe

    The final acquisition of the Fox by the giant Walt Disney looks like it’s just a matter of time that the X-Men and the Fantastic Four will be seen at the Marvel Studios. It looks almost inevitable and fans should start dreaming about it. Now that the secret is disclosed that the Skrulls will be appearing in the next year’s…

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