10 Incredibly Unexpected Outcomes of Iron Man’s Endgame Snap Nobody Noticed

Avengers: Infinity War had such a vast storyline with such devastating consequences that Marvel was forced to convert the movie into a two-part arc. Infinity War gave us the death of many beloved Marvel characters. The end of that movie gave us long-standing implications that changed the universe permanently, for better or for worse. Then Avengers: Endgame gave us some form of closure. The Thanos snap that killed countless lives in Infinity War was undone in Endgame, by none other than Tony Stark aka Iron Man himself. The Snap that undid Infinity War’s Decimation event was not as simple as people claim it to be. While it did do away with Thanos, ridding the world of his presence, there are still many after-effects of the Iron Gauntlet Snap that fans never managed to pay6 heed to. Presenting – 10 Incredibly unexpected outcomes of Iron Man’s Endgame Snap nobody noticed.

 1. What about the Unforeseen Collateral Damage?

Iron Man Endgame snap Marvel

Remember – when the people vanished at the end of Infinity War due to Thanos, they did not just die. They also took a hell of a lot of others with them. Helicopters were falling from the skies. Airliners, that had pilot-less cockpits, came crashing down. But that was only a few of the glimpses of the consequences we saw. Imagine all the hospitals the world over suddenly losing critical crew and staff.

Iron Man Endgame snap Marvel

Government officials vanishing, leaving the administrative powers of a nation in shambles! The economy would be crippled and a lot of the other people would face violence and downfall of an unprecedented level. After 5 years, when the people returned from the dead, the same process would start all over again. The World, which would have just started getting used to the new reality, would be pushed back into that vicious cycle of readjustment.

 2. What about the Survivors?

Iron Man Endgame snap Marvel

Half the population were killed while the rest of them stayed alive. The balance only took what was necessary. The survivors of the Snap started to rebuild their lives anew. So what would they do when the people they have lost came back from the dead? When people lose their loved ones, they tend to have suicidal thoughts. Suicide rates would have sky-rocketed after the snap. Spouses and loved ones would have killed themselves while some of them might have remarried. Kids would have started living as part of another family. And what about the people who are now happy after the snap! Imagine a woman who used to be a victim of domestic abuse seeing her deceased husband come back from the dead.

 3. What about the Resurrected?

Iron Man Endgame snap Marvel

If you are dead, the government has to enact some legal duties on your part so that the money and property under your name undergoes transfer of authority. If you have children, then your closest relatives get custodial guardianship. Once you are declared dead by the Government, you are a ghost.  And your loved ones would have moved on. The resurrected would find themselves in quite a soup. They would not do what to do. Many of them would have been penniless since their money was claimed by someone else. The people who came back would again ask for a quicker death.

 4. What about the Sokovia Accords?

Iron Man Endgame snap Marvel

The Global crisis after the Snap shook the whole world. The Avengers became a victim of their own failures. After Infinity War, Black Widow took over coordination of operations throughout the world and even space, instructing the remaining heroes as to what to do and how to do it. We see that the general hatred against superheroes by governments the world over seems to have dissipated after the Decimation event. Right now, with such a shortage of manpower, people with superpowers have the onus thrust upon them. The Sokovia Accords seems to have been sidelined (for now).

 5. What about the Sanctum Sanctorum?

Iron Man Endgame snap Marvel

At any point of time, Earth needs to have a Sorcerer Supreme to protect the world from all forms of supernatural threats that are hell bent on conquering it. After the Ancient one, Doctor Strange took over the mantle of the Sorcerer Supreme and was the guardian of the New York Sanctum and the guardian of Earth. If he is not there, who is left to protect the world? And remember, Dormammu had made a deal with Doctor Strange that he will never come back to Earth. If Strange is no more, does that mean the deal is off? Or has Wong chosen another Sorcerer Supreme in Strange’s place?

 6. What about crime?

Iron Man Endgame snap Marvel

As people withered to dust, the world would have had the problem of another element of human society that will forever be a part of it – Crime. Half of the Police Force in the world is gone. That means crime and violence, rioting and looting would have taken over in an unprecedented level throughout the world. The Insurance companies would have started exploiting the surviving populace by charging them higher interest rates. The rich people who managed to survive would have started exploiting the situation and breached anti-competitive laws and began hoarding practices since the arm of the law is only half as long now.

 7. What about the Economy?

Iron Man Endgame snap MarvelThe primary form of revenue for any national government is taxes. The more people there are the more taxes a government gets. When half of your own population vanishes, the revenue stream for a government body is also slashed in half. Less money means the governments would be forced to enact some rules and laws that could cripple human societal structure. Martial law might be imposed in some countries. The governments would not have enough funds to help the people cope with the new reality. Emergency services, as well as basic rights, will be repealed. It would be hell on Earth for some poorer nations.

 8. What about Scarlet Witch?

Iron Man Endgame snap Marvel

If you have read the Marvel comic books when we say “House of M” you might know what we are going to say. When Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff lost her children and went crazy, a mere temper tantrum led her to rewrite the whole reality. She completely changed the fabric of existence and the universe was born anew. In the comics, her powers are akin to a God. But the MCU does not show her to be as powerful. But the fact still remains – Wanda has just lost the lover of her life, her allies, and she lost the only sibling she had right before her eyes a long time ago. That much loss is enough to push someone over the edge. Wanda just might go mad after Endgame.

 9. What about the financial repercussions?

Iron Man Endgame snap Marvel

After loads of people vanish, the economy would shrink. Most of the businesses would shut down since the demand-supply equilibrium would be inhumanly tilted against their favor. Banks and insurance corporations would have been left devastated. The economy would have shrunk to the size of a chickpea. While the businesses try to keep things afloat, the population of the world is suddenly doubled again. The demands would skyrocket in a day worldwide and the businesses would have to again make backtracks and fast forwards. Many would not survive the cut-throat competition in an environment of uncertain demands.

 10. What about world peace?

Iron Man Endgame snap Marvel

Nothing unites humanity together like a good old fashioned tragedy. If you grieve for something that I do too, then you are most certainly my friend. The Avengers had to fight rogue governments, rebel forces, aliens and what-not nefore Infinity War on a daily basis. With everyone left to grieve for their losses, there is not enough reason left for the Avengers since an Avengers level threat does not exist anymore. The crime rates will go up as we stated but they will just be a splash in the ocean. The world, with its reduced population, has finally achieved global harmony. Iron Man’s Snap changed all that.

Avengers: Endgame released on the 26th of April, 2019. The official film synopsis of the movie has been released and it states:

Iron Man Endgame snap Marvel

“After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War, the universe is in ruins due to the efforts of the Mad Titan, Thanos. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers must assemble once more in order to undo Thanos’ actions and restore order to the universe once and for all, no matter what consequences may be in store.”

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